Male, age 68 – Obesity, diabetes, neuropathy, anxiety

Patient presented with the following history and symptomatology on 1-2-13:

  • Male – age 68
  • Obesity – 300 pounds
  • Type 2 diabetes (HA1C at 9.7)
  • Hypertension
  • Constipation
  • Neuropathy (hands and feet)
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Low back pain
  • Left elbow tendonitis


  • Metformin and Glipizide for diabetes
  • Tricor for high triglycerides
  • Lisinopril for hypertension
  • Aspirin daily

Clinical Assessment:

  • Chiropractic involvement in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine
  • pH 5
  • Diabetic
  • Liver excess
  • Weakness in gallbladder
  • Circulation problems: hypertension, lack of blood to brain (cerebral anemia)
  • Immune weakness probably due to candida and acidity


  • Patient started on the SHAPE Program immediately
  • Orthobiotic powder for yeast – Ortho Molecular
  • Nat Phos 12x for acidity – Luyties
  • Circulation drops for the cerebral anemia – Molecular Biologics
  • Treated with acupuncture and conservative chiropractic care

Results per visit:

  • 01-15-13 – Decrease 16.5 pounds. Blood sugar dropped to 85. Fell so low two times that he decreased his diabetic medications on own.
  • 01-31-13 – Decrease 28 pounds. Blood sugar stable.
  • 02-18-13 – Decrease 41 pounds. Saw MD for blood work. Triglycerides normal, HA1C 6.3, blood pressure normal. MD “reluctantly” stopped three medications.
  • 03-18-13 – Decrease 58.8 pounds. Blood sugar normal.
  • 04-15-13 – Decrease 69 pounds. Patient extremely pleased with results.
  • 05-13-13 – Decrease 81 pounds. HA1C 5.6, Cholesterol 170, Triglycerides 75. Patient states “first time between 210-220 pounds in 35 years.”
  • 06-10-13 – Decrease 88 pounds. Ate piece of apple pie and blood sugar shot up to 180.
  • 07-10-13 – Decrease 90 pounds. Note only 2 additional pounds lost in last month. Suspect patient sneaking foods not on Phase I. All symptoms still drastically improved.
  • 08-07-13 – Gained 23 pounds. Patient stopped program altogether without doing Phase II nor discussing this decision with me. His blood sugar was still normal and still off all medications.


Yes, even the developer of SHAPE ReClaimed has patients that don’t comply to the program! I would certainly consider this case a success with one glaring exception: he did not transition to Phase II but rather stopped Phase I and jumped right back to his old eating patterns, his rendition of Phase III.

I cannot stress enough the importance of Phase II and continuing to work with the patient as they begin adding back foods in Phases II and III. This is where we as practitioners help the patient to develop a lifestyle of new dietary habits that will sustain their success. Phase II will establish a set point. Should a patient indulge a bit, they should drop back to their new set point when they settle back into their healthy eating patterns. Certainly, we can all expect indulgence from time to time. The key is not derailing completely and/or self-sabotaging the health benefits that were gained during Phase I.

I must confess, a part of me wished his blood sugar would have elevated so I could have said, “Told you so.” I am certain it definitely would start to climb had he continued with his Phase III plan.

At his 08-07-13 visit, I instructed him to immediately stop what he was doing and start Phase II as laid out in the patient guidebook. (Please note: I am experimenting and testing to see if I can help him establish a set point even though he did not transition properly.) The patient recognized the error in his ways and wanted to immediately start back in Phase I. Clinically, I felt we needed to attempt establishing a set point. I will follow-up in three weeks and hopefully restart him on Phase I. (Please note again: I will not ask this patient to do 2 load days as we would with someone just starting the program.)

Patient’s wife lost 34 pounds in approximately 8 weeks, then transitioned to Phase II properly and has only gained 2 pounds since ending the SHAPE Program in March of this year. She recently called to say she will make sure her husband does it right this time and shared he is down 8 pounds since transitioning to Phase II. I will update you in a future newsletter, as I noted that this is an experiment.

Many of you may ask why I did not see this patient more often as I suggest you do with a patient of this type. Based on my clinical experience, all of his symptoms were a result of his lifestyle and obesity, therefore, as he was responding so remarkably, I did not feel the need to monitor his case weekly or bi-weekly. With that being said, until you develop a comfort zone with the SHAPE Program, please monitor these types of patients more frequently. My patients know I am just a phone call away and had there been any alarming symptoms, I would have immediately had the patient return for an evaluation and urinalysis.

Submitted by Dr. Todd Frisch, founder, SHAPE ReClaimed