Male, age 67 – Metabolic syndrome, obesity, hyperlipidemia, allergies, colon cancer, atrial fibrillation, sleep apnea

The Biggest Winner: A Life ReClaimed 

KL is a 67-year old man with a history of the metabolic syndrome, obesity, hyperlipidemia, seasonal allergies, colon cancer, atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea who presented to our office for our lifestyle intervention program, SHAPE ReClaimed, in March 2016. KL has been a long-term patient in our practice and has tried many of our programs to improve health and sustain weight loss, but had been unsuccessful. As a retired chemical scientist, he was very skeptical about how homeopathy and the SHAPE Program could assist him in obtaining better health with sustained weight loss. 

With encouragement from our staff, he began the program in March 2016. 

March 2016 Biometric Parameters:  

Weight 286 lbs, BMI of 38.8 

Laboratory Evaluation December 2015:  

Laboratories reviewed: Patient’s CBC is within normal limits. Patient’s urinalysis is normal. Patient’s glycosylated hemoglobin is 5.7%. Patient’s vitamin B12 is optimal at 815 pg/mL. Patient’s uric acid is mildly increased at 7.4 mg/dL. Patient’s magnesium is at low end of normal at 1.9 mg/dL. Patient’s comprehensive metabolic profile is remarkable for an increased fasting glucose 104 mg/dL. Patient’s lipid profile demonstrates total cholesterol of 221 mg/dL with an LDL of 141 mg/dL, normal triglycerides at 82 mg/dL and HDL of 64 mg/dL. Patient’s PSA is 2.100. Patient’s high-sensitivity C-reactive protein is mildly increased at 2.73 mg/L. Patient’s TSH is 1.00 with a free T4 of 1.63 ng/dL and a free T3 of 3.0 pg/mL. Patient’s homocysteine is mildly elevated at 10.8 µmol/L. Patient’s fasting insulin is at the upper limits of normal at 10.7. Patient’s vitamin D is optimal at 67.9 ng per mL. 

KL participated in the SHAPE Program reaching many medical milestones during the course of one year. 

April 2017 Biometric Parameters:  

Weight 202 lbs  BMI of 27.2 

Laboratory Evaluations March 2017:  

Laboratories reviewed: Patient’s CBC is within normal limits. Patient’s urinalysis demonstrates trace ketones. Patient’s glycosylated hemoglobin is 5%. Patient’s vitamin B12 is 799 pg per mL. Patient’s GGT is 18 IU/L. Patient’s LDH is 130 IU/L. Patient’s uric acid is 7.7 mg/dL. Patient’s magnesium is 2.0 to g/dL. Patient’s comprehensive metabolic profiles within normal limits. Patient’s total cholesterol is 206 mg/dL with an LDL of 110 mg/dL and HDL at 83 mg/dL and normal triglycerides of 65 mg/dL. Patient’s PSA is 2.030 ng/mL. Patient’s high-sensitivity C-reactive protein is 0.43. Patient’s TSH is 1.06 with a free T4 of 1.72 and a free T3 of 2.4 pg/mL. Patient’s homocysteine is 9.7 µmol/L. Patient’s fasting insulin is 3.5. Patient’s vitamin D is 98.4 ng/mL. 

KL was also able to discontinue the use of his CPAP-device; patient is no longer in need of medications for control of blood pressure, cholesterol and atrial fibrillation. Patient is now more active and enjoying retirement with enthusiasm for music and the performing arts. It is the story of a life ReClaimed! 

Author and life hacker, Tim Ferris, has said, “I discourage passive skepticism, which is the armchair variety where people sit back and criticize without ever subjecting their theories or themselves to real field testing.” KL and Team WellBeingMD are grateful for open attitudes toward real field testing. Without it, medicine could never progress. 

Submitted by Dr. John Principe, MD, WellBeingMD, LTD 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

Don’t you just love it when highly educated doubters do well on the SHAPE Program?! One wonders what goes through their minds when success is this dramatic.I’m always thrilled when blood tests improve but the insulin number is so profoundly improved. Great job, Dr. P.! 

By the way, we had the great pleasure of doing a SHAPE Warrior event in the Chicago area hosted by Dr. P. in the lower level of his clinic. What an impressive facility. Our title of this year’s symposium is “ALL IN.” It is easy to see that Dr. P has gone ALL IN. This facility has a full teaching kitchen and ample space to lecture. If ever in the Chicago area, it would worth your time to stop by and check out an ALLIN Doctor.