Male, age 58 – Diabetes, hypertension, pain, overweight

Over the past four years that we have been involved with the SHAPE Program and organization, we have seen amazing things take place on a daily basis.  Here is one of those stories:

A 58-year old white male walked into my office and said, “I have knee replacement surgery scheduled in six weeks for the constant severe pain in my knee. I have heard from a friend that you can help me, so I’m giving you 6 weeks. I don’t want to waste my time and money! Can you help me?”

Not having any other history at that time, I of course said, “Sure! I have seen this program do amazing things.”

This is his history: He is diabetic (3 meds including 2 injectable) with an A1c over 8. He is hypertensive (5 meds including a statin drug). He had leukemia 4 years prior and is currently in remission. Patient weighed 273 lbs. and is sedentary due to all his ailments. My “sure” was getting a little shaky!

At the first visit, we spent time prioritizing our goals, which was to first get healthy. Losing weight was secondary. Stopping the knee surgery was secondary. I also challenged him to be faithful to the program and to himself.

Six weeks later, he called the surgeon and cancelled the knee surgery (NO PAIN, how much is that worth?)!

Over the next couple months, inch by inch he regained his health. He lost 51 pounds (secondary), he is off all medications except Metformin (reduced dosage). He is exercising on a stationary bike and feeling great.

As of today, we are still on the path with a ways to go. In his mind, life has begun again.

Submitted by Dr. Glenn Smith