Male, age 57 – Weight gain, fatigue, malaise, joint pain, decreased vitality

Patient Information  

Name: Stevie Fernandez  
Age: 57 
Gender: Female  
Height: 5’6 
Starting Weight: 201 lbs, Body fat 34.5% 
Ending Weight: 156 lbsBody fat 18.5% 

Health History 

Chief Complaint: Stevie presented with weight gain, fatigue, malaise, joint pain and decreased vitality. Wife complained of horrendous snoring. 

Other Symptoms: “Are my best days behind me?” 

Medications/Supplements: None prior to starting program. 

Medical Testing Results:  

  • UA – acidic, elevated specific gravity 
  • Bloodwork – elevated endothelial inflammatory markers indicative of CAD / elevated HbA1C, insulin, C-Peptide with elevated IR score indicative of insulin resistance 


Length of time on the SHAPE Program: 6 months 


  • SHAPE supplement 
  • Magnesium glycinate – 600 mg 
  • Methylated B complex – 1 daily 
  • Monoglyceride-bound omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA only) – 4 grams daily 
  • K2 w/ D3 5000 IU daily 

Other: Patient was given an exercise plan that included running, biking and weight training. 


Stevie lost 49 pounds of fat mass and gained 4 pounds of lean body mass. All markers of chronic endothelial inflammation (Lp-PLA2, hs-CRP, Microalbumin, and OxLDL) were substantially reduced. Fasting insulin dropped from 13.9 to 3.6. Vitamin D 25-hydroxy moved from 13.3 to 83. Whole blood omega 3 levels (DHA, DPA, EPA) climbed from 3.3 to 6.3. Snoring is ceased and wife can now sleep in the same bed 


Stevie’s health turnaround is remarkable. His energy has returned to better than it has been in over 10 years. He completed a half marathon toward the end of the 6-month period and posted a better time by 10 minutes than his previous best over a decade prior. He is ecstatic about his progress, especially reversing the inflammatory disease processes. Stevie realizes this is a lifetime lifestyle commitment and is very excited that is wife and children are now fully on board. 

Submitted by Dr. Mark Sherwood 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

I could easily talk about the obvious (decreased inflammation, increased energy, weight loss, etc.), however, I’d suggest you watch Stevie’s journey by viewing Fork Your Diet: The Movie. You can watch free as an Amazon Prime member or purchase the documentary and share with your circle of influence. 

Great job, Drs. Mark and Michele!