Male, age 56 – High cholesterol

56-year old male patient complaining of high cholesterol.

Within 90 days, he experienced the following changes:

Total cholesterol151103

**Note:  lab work was not done immediately before beginning the SHAPE Program, so the changes actually happened over a three-month time frame.


Used primarily Standard Process supplements for 30 days to wake up endocrine function including Symplex M, Hypothalmex, Thytrophin PMG, Iodomere. Patient had probably 6 chiropractic and acupuncture treatments over the course of his weight loss.

Patient thanks me repeatedly for “giving [him] his life back.” He continues to do the SHAPE Program on a maintenance level and has eliminated the cholesterol and blood pressure medications.

Submitted by Dr. Wayne Tompkins

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment

Not to be redundant, you all know SHAPE ReClaimed was birthed as a weight loss program. We continue to be amazed at the multitude of positive “side effects” resulting from properly following the SHAPE Program protocol. Lipids, many inflammatory markers, hypertension, blood glucose, etc. all improved dramatically. Big pharma got its start when 7 of the 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. were caused by infections (pneumonia, dysentery, etc.)  Today, 6 of the 10 are lifestyle diseases. Using prescriptions to treat these conditions can manage the problem; however, one will never correct a lifestyle issue with a drug. The SHAPE Program is proving throughout clinics all across this country to be one of the tools for transforming unhealthy lifestyles.