Male, age 55 – Family history of diabetes, bilateral low back pain, muscle spasms and soreness

A 55-year old male wanted to do the SHAPE Program to help prevent diabetes first and possible weight loss second. He has a lot of relatives with diabetes and has seen the effects of the progression of this disease. He hasn’t been watching his diet at all and now weighs 257 lbs., his highest ever weight. He has bilateral low back pain and a lot of muscle spasms/soreness throughout his body which he is seeing a D.C. for. 

Exam, except for UA was unremarkable. He was on no prescriptions or OTC’s. His UA showed maximum spilling of glucose. 

The SHAPE Program was started and the UA glucose level was negative in 1 week. At 5 weeks, he had some indigestion/gas along with elevated bilirubin. A gallbladder flush was done with the next UA negative for bilirubin. Various adjustments were made to the diet due to his variable work schedule and UA readings. In 11 weeks, he had lost 57 lbs. and felt wonderful. Pain in his lower back, all spasms and soreness were gone. 

It is enjoyable to watch a patient get that “aha” moment. He was very strict with following the SHAPE protocol and understood exactly how the program worked. The patient guidebook and website were invaluable for both the patient and his wife. He was definitely pre-diabetic, and thanks to the SHAPE Program, he has a new paradigm of health. The SHAPE Program empowers people by teaching them to take responsibility for their own health. 

Submitted by Dr. Joseph Cahill 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

I find it so frustrating that Big Pharma seems hell-bent on trying to convince this nation that type 2 diabetes must be treated with medication. It is, has been and always will be a lifestyle issue. 

We SHAPE practitioners have virtually 100% success rate with type 2 diabetes. In my first 30 years of practice, I was never able to take a patient off injectable insulin. Since creating the SHAPE ProgramI’ve taken over 2 dozen patients off these injectables. Every week we hear from SHAPE practitioners that they are having the same success. I cannot count the number of patients that were able to eliminate their prescription meds to control their blood sugar. 

When HA1C testing was introduced, 7.0 or below was acceptable. As you would suspect, the norm began dropping to 6.5, then 6.0. Then after an intense doubleblind study, the new high range is now 5.7. No one seemed to notice that this study was funded by the manufacturer of the drug Metformin! 

Great job, Dr. Cahill, in shining a spotlight on what we all see in our daily practices and what is possible for so many of our patients.