Male, age 54 – Psoriatic arthritis, post-injury weight gain

I am 54-years old and been on the SHAPE Program 3 times in the last two years with great results. I am very physically active, having completed numerous marathons and ultra-marathons over the last 3 years.  

Clinical presentation is as follows: I have regained almost 30 pounds over the last 9 months. Chronic injury has caused a decrease in activity, and I have not been eating as strictly as I should. I have a history of psoriatic arthritis flares over the last 20 years, typical time of pain and fatigue has been 6 to 8 weeks. The last flare was over 5 years ago. Currently, there are two areas of psoriasis lesions, one on the distal dorsal surface of my right foot and the other on my right calf.   

I worked out 24 days ago with light weights and cardio for about 60 minutes, woke the next day with moderate to severe fatigue 7/10, joint pain 6/10 and stiffness in the hands, wrists, elbows and feet.  

Initial UA was obtained, blood work was ordered, and I started on Phase I: Sure & Steady with the SHAPE Drops at .50 ml three times a day.  

Ongoing supplements include: Orthomega capsules from Ortho Molecular and Cataplex B from Standard Process. Added to the protocol was Optimal Liposomal Curcumin from Seeking Health and SKIN Healing Lotion for the psoriasis lesions.  

Urine pH was 5.0 so pH Concentrated Minerals was also added to the protocol.  

Out of range on the blood panel was vitamin D, 25 hydroxy at 27.1 ng/ml, TPO antibodies of 21 IU/ml (some labs use a reference range of 0-34 IU/ml while other labs use other ranges. Mayo clinic uses >9 IU/ml as being outside the reference interval), homocysteine 12.4 umo/L. Elevated TPO can indicate other autoimmune dysfunctions. (Reference 1, 2) Liposomal D3, K2 from Energetix was added along with ADHS from Biotics Research for adrenal support.  

One week after restarting the SHAPE Program, pain levels dropped from a 7 to 3, stiffness improved, too. Two weeks into Phase I: Basic Cleanse, pain dropped 1/2 level and the stiffness is predominantly in the hands and almost resolved elsewhere. Skin looks improved, too. At the three-week mark, energy levels still improving, minimal pain, stiffness remains. Weight loss has been almost 5 pounds. I was able to return to the gym at 2 weeks, exercise level is very light.  

I have sent my labs to a colleague and based on discussions, organic acid testing was recommended along with genetic testing to further tailor my nutrition program. Vitamin D, TPO antibodies and Homocysteine levels will also be retested. Most importantly, I will adhere to the SHAPE Nutritional Protocol. 

  1. Prevalence of interrelated autoantibodies in thyroid diseases and autoimmune disorders 
  2. High prevalence of thyroid autoimmunity and hypothyroidism in patients with psoriatic arthritis. 

Submitted by Dr. Jeff Clark  

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

Those of you who know Dr. Clark know how thorough he is in his treatment of patients. What he failed to mention was the patient was in fact Dr. Clark! I have so enjoyed working with him over the last several years. He has embraced the program and truly owns it. Treating holistically involves looking deeper into each patients history, lifestyle, blood tests, etc. Don’t name and blame, think and link!! Asking what’s wrong is important, but equally important is asking what’s not right. Weight loss is great, but the SHAPE Program is more! It is anti-inflammatory, immuno-enhancing, and it is a detox! I also believe it helps balance hormones. Good luck, Dr. Clark on your road back to health!