Male, age 54 – Psoriasis, sore joints, sleep issues, obesity

Initial Presentation/History:
54-year-old male with a past medical history of psoriasis, joint soreness, sleep issues, and obesity.

Kermit first came to my office with psoriasis patches that completely covered his entire face as well as multiple other areas of the body, including bilateral legs. His joint soreness was secondary to the excessive amount of weight (starting weight was 276.2) that he carried, which was also promoting an inflammatory cascade that contributed to his sleep issues.

Clinical Assessment:
A full functional blood chemistry analysis revealed insulin resistance (elevated Hemoglobin A1c), elevated liver enzymes, elevated lipids, elevated inflammatory markers (Homocysteine, CRP, Uric Acid, Fibrinogen), and low thyroid function. Salivary adrenal testing revealed very low cortisol output, stool testing revealed low beneficial flora, and further bloodwork revealed intestinal permeability and gluten sensitivity. 

Method of Treatment:
Patient was prescribed a list of beneficial supplements/herbs to downregulate inflammation, increase probiotic levels, balance blood sugar, improve thyroid function, repair intestinal permeability, and strengthen adrenals. Patient was started on SHAPE Program Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse for his obesity and inflammatory problem.

Patient’s health dramatically improved. At the 6-month mark of care, patient’s psoriasis completely cleared, liver enzymes normalized, Hemoglobin A1c normalized, cholesterol levels normalized, inflammatory markers decreased, and adrenal function was re-established. Patient lost approximately 74.2 lbs. total.

By combining proper metabolic testing, specific supplementation, and dietary/lifestyle changes, Kermit enjoys a life free of psoriasis, full of energy, and full of hope for his healthy future.

Submitted by Dr. Ed Beyer

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment

My takeaway from this case study is that, as great as the SHAPE Program is, it is invaluable to adequately access each patient with whatever tests you deem appropriate and beneficial. Then support weakened areas with proper supplementation.

Would the SHAPE Program have corrected all areas? My guess is unlikely. Having a holistic mentality when working with each patient is certainly the wisest thing you as a practitioner can do for everyone that enters your practice. Great job, Dr. Beyers!