Male, age 52 – Shoulder pain, high blood pressure, tension headaches; Female, age 50 – Weight gain


  • Howard (H) 
  • Janelle (J) 


  • H – 52 
  • J – 50  


  • H – 5’11” 
  • J – 5’6.5” 

Starting Weight:

  • H – 232.2 lbs.  
  • J – 189.6 lbs.  

Ending Weight: (as of last weigh-in) 

  • H – 197 lbs.  
  • J – 161.8 lbs.  

Health History 

Chief Complaint:

  • H – Shoulder pain, high blood pressure, tension headaches 
  • J – Weight gain  

Other Symptoms:

  • H – Tight upper trapezius  
  • J – Hormonal and thyroid imbalance  


  • High blood pressure meds 

Medical Testing Results:

  • None 


Length of time on the SHAPE Program: 5 months 


  • H – L-arginine, MegaNatural BP, AF BetafoodHypothalmexCholacol, Ortho Biotic Capsules, SHAPE Drops  
  • J – Gymnema, MOOD Balance, Symplex F, Turmeric Forte, DIOS Creme, Raw Thyroid, SHAPE Drops 


  • H – 1 week after starting the SHAPE Program, shoulder pain is gone. Week 4 – “feels wonderful.” 
  • J – Her weight has fluctuated slightly, but is ultimately down from starting point. She reports being much less anxious. 
  • They both agreed that the SHAPE Program has saved their marriage since she is far more calm, and he handles stress better as well. 

Additional Notes:

  • Husband and wife are over-the-road team truck drivers, so they have very specific challenges with trying to work through the program. They have custom fitted their truck to have a full-sized refrigerator that allows for fresh food. We consider them heroes for doing this on the road. It’s proof that if they can do it…almost anyone can do it! 


  • Where there’s a will, there’s a way! 

Submitted by Dr. Wayne Tompkins 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

What a wonderful case study! It really illustrates the “Ya gotta wanna!” mentality that is so important for the success of this program or any other program for that matter. Of course, I knew when I developed SHAPE that it would save marriages… NOT! It is humbling to receive this case study and I thank my creator for guiding mine and Linda’s steps throughout this incredible journey. Thanks to all SHAPE practitioners.