Male, age 52 – Chronic hives, feet and back pain, sinus infections, allergies, dermatitis, arthritis, digestive issues

Mike is a 52-year old male who is 6’2” and 360 lbs. He presented with chronic hives, severe pain in the feet, back pain, HA’s, sinus infections, allergies, dermatitis, arthritis, fatigue/low energy, overweight/difficulty losing weight, and a myriad of digestive tract issues. Mike’s medications include: Allegra and Zyrtec twice daily, Singular once daily, and 8 to 12 Benadryl daily for the past year. Inflammation was suspected so the SHAPE Program Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse along with a high-quality probiotic, fish oil and Endotrim were recommended. 

Within the first week, he was down 11.4 lbs and had an increase in energy. By the second week, he was down 17.2 lbs and could finally walk with minimal pain. After the third week, Mike reported that he was no longer taking Benadryl and medications, his hives were greatly reduced, and all the pain in his feet had cleared up! After the fourth week, he was down 30 lbs and 42.25” with most presenting symptoms reduced or resolved. 

Mike is now down 75 lbs and 85” in just over three months. He has gone from a 56” to 42” waist size. He is feeling great and will absolutely be a SHAPE Warrior for life while telling everyone he knows about this amazing program. He thanks SHAPE ReClaimed for “rebuilding the temple God gave [him].” 

Submitted by Dr. Daniel Bradt 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

We never tire of stating the SHAPE Program is an anti-inflammatory, immuno-enhancing, gentle detox plan with the side effect of reducing excess weight. This case is as graphic as it gets. These conditions are a lifestyle issue, not a lack of pain killers and antihistamines. Virtually EVERY patient that walks through our doors (overweight or not) is in some state of being toxic, inflamed and immuno-suppressed. Fix ’em all, and let the referrals begin!!