Male, age 48 – Joint pain, swelling, hypertension, smoking, high blood sugar and lung cancer

Jim, a 48 y.o. male, entered our practice seeking nutritional help for his overweight condition. He had not seen a doctor in 2 years, but felt “pretty good.” Notable findings in his clinical history revealed episodes of swollen painful joints, hypertension and smoking. A family hx of thyroid disease and lung cancer were noted. The patient stated he had a variable diet, exercised approx. 3x/week and was currently taking no Rx medications.  

The clinical exam recorded his initial weight at 307 lbs. Hypertension was confirmed during the exam at 154/92. Baseline urine test taken at initial exam yielded a positive glucose sample showing exceedingly high levels @2000 mg/dl.  Jim consented to additional lab testing and was allowed to begin the SHAPE Program given he would follow the program explicitly. Due to his exercise regimen, Jim was allowed additional protein intake of 4 oz. per day. 

Follow-up clinical labs revealed Jim had a blood glucose level of 226 and an HbA1C of 12.4 mg/dl. On his first availability, approx. 3 weeks later, Jim’s follow-up office urine test strip values were negative for glucose and his BP was also much lower at 138/88! Jim was also ecstatic as he had lost 15 lbs. which left him only 35 more fat pounds to release to reach his goal. Subsequent visits and in-office glucose testing found Jim’s blood glucose decreasing to 164 mg./dl. and weight loss at nearly 21 lbs. after approx. 7 weeks on the SHAPE Program. At this point, additional supplementation was added to Jim’s program to assist with blood sugar handling.  

On his next visit, the patient exam revealed weight loss of over 30 lbs., an overall decrease of 22.5 inches of body fat and a new blood sugar reading of 127 mg/dl. 

Comments: Like many of my peers, I find that the SHAPE Program has the unique ability to influence many systems that are out of balance. It is our duty to be diligent in our approach to resolving these complex patient issues even if we begin with just a simple test. 

Submitted by Dr. Dan Ourada 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

Jim was a ticking time bomb! A family history of lung cancer, obesity, undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, plus smoking?! Would he have seen his kids graduate? Would he see his grandkids births, marriages, countless birthdays? Unlikely. I personally thank God daily for the changes we all make in our patients’ lives. As I step into retirement from private practice, I will miss the one-on-one miracles that occur on a daily basis. As I go all in at SHAPE Central, I so look forward to feeling these one-on-one miracles through each of you.  

Blessings and love to all of our SHAPE family! You rock!