Male, age 44 – High blood pressure, sleep apnea, acid reflux, obesity

Patient is a 44-year old male that presents with high blood pressure, sleep apnea, acid reflux and obesity. 

Patient takes two blood pressure medicines daily, often fighting off migraine headaches, takes an OTC acid reflux medicine, sleeps with a CPAP machine, snores without CPAP, has fatigue and weighs in at 258 lbs at 5’11”.  

Patient goals were to lower or get off of blood pressure medicine, get off of acid reflux medicine, stop wearing CPAP and lose weight. Blood pressure was 122/64 with the aid of BP medicine, UA was on spot.  

Started patient on SHAPE Nutrition Protocol of 0.5 cc of SHAPE Drops three times a day and follow food outline of Phase I: FasTrac Cleansewith the exception of allowing patient 2-4 extra ounces of protein. (Pt. stated 8 oz protein would not satisfy and felt he may “cheat.”) 

Three months into the program and patient is down 43 lbs, his cardiologist cut his blood pressure medicine in half, patient has gone off of his acid reflux medicine, as well as stopped using his CPAP for sleep. Patient states he feels fantastic, with more energy and is excited about his new wardrobe! Patient would like to lose 5-10 more lbs before going on to Phase II. He tells everyone about the SHAPE Program and praises this program for his results. 

Submitted by Dr. Lance Yeoman 

Dr. Todd Teaching Assessment 

If you are struggling in practice and desperately needing new patient referrals, what do you think this patient could do for your practice? What if you had 10 or 20 or 50 of this type of patient? What would be your advertising budget? I assure you ZERO! Is this a common occurrence with SHAPE practitioners? The answer is a resounding YES!  

Every healthcare professional across this country is dealing with inflamed patients. The question is, are you seeing the opportunity right under your nose? Work from within. Many of your patients are struggling and would benefit from doing the SHAPE ProgramDon’t wait for them to approach you. Take charge and insist they take a new approach to their health challenges. 

Truly the majority of health issues facing this country are caused by lifestyle choices. The SHAPE Program, done properly, is a lifestyle modification plan. It is anti-inflammatory, immune-enhancing, and detoxifying with the awesome side-effect of weight loss! For those struggling, why not take one group, say your type 2 diabetics, or fibromyalgia, or GI-challenged patients and have them commit to a 6-week detox (minimum 3 weeks for Phase I and 3 weeks for Phase II). Explain to your patient that colleagues all across the country are helping patients overcome inflammatory conditions like theirs. I am confident they will experience tremendous improvement which leads to many committing to the SHAPE Program to ReClaim their health.