Male, age 42 – Type 1 diabetes, overweight

Dan M. is a 42-year old male DM type 1 on insulin pump. DM 1 since 1988 due to a botched molar extraction. Dan is 6’2” and 294 pounds in a high stress job working 7 days a week. His weekends were spent on the couch sleeping with a plate of food on his belly, family issues were increasing as he became more stressed and tired, he started drinking more and had no time for family. He has a history of HTN, Hypothyroid and IBS. Dan complained of debilitating fatigue, chronic pain in back, shoulders, wrists and ankles with edema in lower extremities. Dan wants to lose weight and improve his A1C.

FBS (fasting blood sugar) average is 150-200

RBS (resting blood sugar) always 300 to 400

A1C 12


Humalog insulin pump 200 units a day

Synthroid 200 mcg 1x a day

Hyzar 2x daily

I started Dan on a lifestyle plan in July with support products from Metagenics. By November, he was down 16 pounds with decreased edema in ankles. FBS average 85-108 and RBS average 85-120 was now on 65 units per day. Energy improved, stress management skills improving, exercising 3x a week for 30 min, family life improving, making time for family and able to do activities with family on the weekends, not consuming any alcohol or spending weekends on the couch, eating a whole food diet. Weight loss was really plateaued.

Started the SHAPE Program in Feb with FBS ranging 85-120 and RBS average 150. Currently taking about 65 units a day. Dan is still using support products for gut healing, adrenal support, practicing deep breathing exercises and meditation.

2-week follow up: Dan is down is 12.8 pounds with FBS average 85-108 and RBS average 114-120 – 50 units per day.

1-month follow up: Having trouble staying on plan due to work travel and no control over what food is ordered, it is all catered in. Dan is down another 12 pounds and is taking an average of 45 units a day.

2 -month follow up: Travel is still a problem, increased stress at work r/t new promotion. Down another 11 pounds for a total of 35 pounds since starting the SHAPE Program. Units per day 45 to 50, A1C is 6.9.

Dan has had 3 promotions since starting a healthy lifestyle program and stated this would never have been possible if he did not feel better. He has improved quality of life with family, has more energy and is now living life and managing stress better. He has not had any alcohol and his pain is gone. He has cut his BP medication in half and is currently taking losartan only, no HCTZ and has reduced Synthroid.

Since starting the SHAPE Program, Dan has not had any incidence of severe hypoglycemia. In the past, he was always going high and low and trying to balance with glucose tabs or orange juice after a severe episode of hyper and hypoglycemia. It would take him 3 days to feel better.

Below is a testimonial Dan wrote to reflect updated current results:

“As middle-aged type 1 diabetic, I have struggled to maintain blood sugar and weight control despite maintaining a strict diet with limited caloric intake. Since July, I have worked with Nuview Nutrition and have lost 55 pounds, I have improved my A1C from 12 to 6.9 and decreased daily insulin dosing from 200u to 45u, all while increasing the volume of food consumed. I have increased energy, no heartburn and am not bloated all the time.

“I could not have achieved this without the flexible support provided by Cindy and the customized nutrition and natural supplement plans. After years of on again, off again medical diets, Nuview’s holistic approach has proven a best fit for me.

“With more work to do, I look forward to working with Cindy to reclaim my health and lock in a permanent lifestyle.”

Submitted by Cindy Crandell, RN

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment

I must start out by stating I have personally not treated a type 1 diabetic with our SHAPE Program, but have consulted on several. I will be honest and admit I was leery that any change could occur with type 1 diabetes.

Points of importance:

Cindy was gaining ground with this patient through nutritional support and lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, they hit a wall and this patient stalled at a 16-pound loss. Though he still had plenty of weight to lose, the SHAPE Program was the kickstart he needed to initiate additional weight loss.

It is interesting to note he struggled sticking to the protocol with his travel obligations, yet he continued losing weight doing the best he could with the foods that were offered. Not only has he been able to decrease his insulin, all medications have been decreased.

What is most important is this patient has made a decision to lock in a permanent lifestyle that is healthier than what he previously was choosing. We all know Phase I and II are laid out as a clear-cut program and if our patients will follow the program as it is designed, they will be successful. It is what they do after they transition to Phase III, their future healthy lifestyle, that truly matters. If they embrace new eating habits, continue eating food that God put on this earth and simply follow the 80/20 rule, they should have no problem maintaining.

Once a quarter, Linda and I will follow Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse strictly for the minimum of 3 weeks in an effort to stay proactive with detox and cleansing. The remainder of our time between quarters is this: During the work week, we eat Phase I meals for breakfast and lunch staying true to the food choices within Phase I. For dinner, we eat Phase II and incorporate healthy fats and whatever protein, veggie and fruit choices we desire. On the weekends, we are a bit more liberal allowing some special treats.

It is important to spend some time with your patients to help them with Phase III. If we abandon them at this critical stage of the process, they may revert back to their old habits which leads them down the path of struggling with their health once again. Our goal is to truly transform their health, once and for all.