Male, age 39 – Obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, low libido

A 39-year-old male marine biology professor presents on July 11, 2016 weighing 307.6 lbs. Blood pressure 140/90 on medication, most recent blood tests at the time revealed total cholesterol of 217 and a free testosterone of 190. He was in a state of chronic fatigue and low libido. Patient stated, “I mostly wore XXXL shirts as XXL shirts were so tight as to be unflattering at any angle.”  

We began with standard Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse Nutrition Protocol and a 50% increased protein portion. The two-week urinalysis revealed large ketones, protein, and bilirubin indicating muscle loss. The patient had lost 14 lbs in the first two weeks. Protein was increased another 50% for a 100% total increase in protein and one teaspoon of coconut oil was added in the am and pm. Urinalysis was repeated in one week and ketones had reduced to moderate and protein and bilirubin were absent. 

Urinalysis remained the same upon each two-week interval for the next two months. The patient continued to lose weight at about 4.5 lbs. per week. Blood tests conducted September 6th revealed total cholesterol of 129 and a free testosterone of 314. 

As of November 3rd, he was at 245 lbs. having lost 62.5 lbs. in 115 days. He states, “At this point I can comfortably fit into size 38 pants and I am regularly XL and even L shirts.  Although my blood pressure is still elevated (even with medication) and I still do not have abounding energy, I believe these issues are as much related to stress as anything else. I hope that once I start exercising, both of these issues will change. I was losing weight while not really being hungry often. I did find that one of the factors that seemed to help overcome a stall which include getting more sleep (even an extra hour or two).” 

This patient had gone on a business trip and travels for a funeral and was out of contact for two to three weeks. During this time period he stalled, and the return urinalysis didn’t show any ketones and he had no weight loss. This was presumed from the travel and stress. We reduced the protein to just 50% above normal protocol compared to the 100% increase he had been on. We have him eating an 8-oz ribeye steak and extra coconut oil, done every fifth day. Since doing this the weight loss is back to 4-4.5 lbs a week. This patient is currently down to 232 lbs. with a goal of 210 lbs. his blood markers have improved, and his libido is reported to be much better. 

As this patient continues to lose weight, we will make diet modifications appropriately, I would also like to support his adrenals in this process as well. 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

There are 3 issues in this case I’d like to highlight: 

  1. There is a bio-individuality to every patient that walks through our respective doors. We treat people, not symptoms. 
  2. The UA allows us to really enhance our ability to see this bio-individuality. 
  3. Even though we want SHAPE ReClaimed to go out to the world in the same way, we truly want each practitioner to think and link. 

Each patient may have a unique situation that calls the practitioner to modify the protocol (i.e. coconut oil, rib eye steak, etc.). We honor each practitioner’s own particular take regarding treatment of their patients.