Male, age 36 – Morbid obesity

36-year old male. Starting weight was 434 lbs. Healthy but morbidly obese. History of 100-pound weight loss in the past with Atkins but gained all back and then some.

Suspect subclinical thyroid issues but not diagnosed.

I was reluctant to accept this case because I had never worked with a patient at this level of obesity. He read Simeons’ work and commented if he lost 34 pounds (Simeons maximum weight loss in 40 days), he would still weight 400 pounds and was discouraged. He was the first patient I exceeded Simeons’ 40-day limit. This is the perfect example of the importance of utilizing a urine specimen to monitor the patient’s progress.

He began the SHAPE Program prior to Christmas 2010 and as of March 2011 has successfully lost 196 pounds. His waist dropped from 58 inches to 44 inches. His skin tone is showing no signs of sagging. Even when his weight loss stalled, inches continued to drop.

I will continue monitoring this patient until he reaches his goal weight of 200 pounds or the program stalls. It is obvious most patients will not be this diligent to stick with the program faithfully. I’ve never met such an impressive and determined individual. He states, “I’ve changed my relationships with food.”

Submitted by Dr. Todd Frisch, founder, SHAPE ReClaimed