Male, age 20 – Depression, anxiety, allergies, prediabetes, high cholesterol

Male patient presented 7/2/15 with father to start the SHAPE Program after doctor recommendation. 

College student, 335 lbs, age 20 about to turn 21. 

  • Depression/Anxiety 
  • Could not perform UA had to take it with him and email result 
  • Marks all over skin on arms and face from anxious picking 
  • IBS 
  • Takes Concerta 
  • Allergy to mold 
  • Takes Zyrtec & Flonase
  • Doctor of Osteopathy diagnosed him as prediabetic and high cholesterol. 

First UA: pH 6, ++ leukocytes, + bilirubin 

Started the SHAPE Program. 

By 8/20/15: reduced depression/anxiety, skin clear, could perform UA in office, down to 273.5, trace protein and ketones 

Started school and working out with weights. Depression began with food cravings. 

9/5/15: Returned for UA and + protein, trace ketones, trace bilirubin. Weight 264. Added 4 oz protein, 1-2 fruits. Specifically protein on day of workouts and fruit the day after.  

9/18/15Gained 5 lbs, weight 269, but looked smaller, depression/cravings back under control, neg UA pH 6.5.  Requested he begin measuring now.  

10/17/15: resented laughing with father. Measuring and decreasing in size, 265 lbs, neg UA pH 7 

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Submitted by Dr. Melissa Eagan 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

A key point here is the obvious conversion of fat to lean body mass (LBM). LBM weighs 4 times what fat weighs. Inches can be lost but the scale may not show any loss. It is so important that patients measure themselves. I see this weight loss slow down around 20-25 pounds in the female and 30-35 pounds in the male. I’m also so often amazed at the marked improvement emotionally for so many SHAPE patients and the above case emphatically makes this point.