Love yourself and your curves while healing. – Shamain Horton 

This pandemic has been a very difficult time for me. I’ve struggled staying on the SHAPE Program nutrition plan. One week, I ate a lot more sugar and carbs than usual and my anxiety worsened. That’s when I knew that the SHAPE way of eating was exactly the focus I needed. My focus now is SHAPE-friendly foods, mindful eating and movement every day with varying exercises I enjoy. 

Before my son was born, I got down to 140 lbs. on the SHAPE Program, but I did not do the mental work that I needed. I never learned how to listen to hunger cues, and I never allowed myself to have only a little treat; I had to have a lot. It was all or nothing. I didn’t speak kindly to myself. I didn’t learn how to eat the way I wanted to live, and I definitely didn’t realize how much I used food as comfort. I loved the weight loss and wearing smaller clothes. I felt great but, I love myself so much better now at 170 lbs. because I’m finally doing the mental work and listening to my body.

now know the foods that make me feel sick and I’m learning how to feel safe and balanced around all foods, not just SHAPE-friendly foods. I also know how important it is for me to move my body every single day. I have found a SHAPE plan that works for me and know that my body is going to grow and change in ways that it needs to when it’s ready. The SHAPE way of eating is healing in whatever version and speed that fits you! It’s okay to change your goals and love yourself and your curves while healing.