June 2024 Newsletter

I can hear you all singing now! Oh yeah! Singing along with Alice Cooper! 

Summertime in the Northwoods of Wisconsin is the best! Dr. Todd and I live in small town USA…music in the park every Sunday afternoon, art fairs in every little town, kayaking, biking, hiking, grilling, bonfires and boat rides and just a ton of fun with friends and family who come to visit! Knowing everyone is more laid back throughout the summer, we coast. We will still be hard at work and will return with our next newsletter in September. Have a blast, be safe and never hesitate to reach out. We are here to serve you!

Many of you have heard Dr. Todd say, we can help you be successful.

What we strive for is to help you be SIGNIFICANT!

Our passion is to help you make a significant impact in the lives of every patient/client who crosses your path!

Recently, Linda interviewed Kelly Murray and Dr. Eric Gearing about how SHAPE & facial analysis has impacted their practices and helped them make a significant impact in hundreds of lives. Click the link below to visit the website, SCROLL DOWN TO THE INTERVIEWS and be inspired!

NEW Additions to the SHAPE Website

It’s official! 68 + brand new CERTIFIED RECIPES have been added to the website.

With nearly 400 recipes available, we are committed to helping your patients/clients succeed on their health restoration journey. Throughout the summer, we will be adding 8-10 new recipes per month. The entire portfolio will be reviewed and some will be eliminated, some updated!  

Click here for ALL Recipes

Click here to download the list of NEW recipes!

NEW Marketing Materials


We are unbelievably excited to launch our new & improved Marketing Materials Portfolio!

The previous layout was confusing and hard to see small images. Enjoy larger images to help you choose which marketing piece resonates with the message you want to convey. There’s now one universal size for each digital marketing piece that you can use for all social media advertising. You will notice they are all grouped according to product, message type, subject, etc. We added a ton of new pieces and kept some of the old! Click here to check it out! HAVE FUN posting!

* Marketing pieces for WTF? Why the Face are coming soon!


Because SHAPE Central no longer handles packing and shipping, we need your help when reporting damaged packages and/or product.

1.  Take photos IMMEDIATELY of the package and condition of product INSIDE the package and email to customerservice@shapereclaimed.com.

2.  Save the box and all packing materials until your claim has been processed.

3.  Once we receive your report with photos proving damage, we will contact Kaerwell immediately and begin processing your replacement order.

4. Our commitment is to serve you with excellence and your help is appreciated.