January – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

New Year…New Opportunities…

It was three years ago that our world turned upside down. Thankfully, most have been resilient and weathered the storm. While some of our seasoned practitioners decided to close shop as they were already near the end of their career, most hung in there and did whatever it took to keep their business afloat. Some closed their brick & morter and restructured their practice to work from home and found they love it. Some teamed up with other colleagues and are now sharing space & overhead costs. Most have returned to business as usual having learned many lessons from the last three years and have implemented new systems and modalities.

We are grateful that SHAPE stood the test of time and was able to keep many of your practices going strong. Now, more than ever, folks need to do SHAPE. 

SHAPE is the answer to growing your practice. Not only has stress taken its toll on the health of this nation, many are suffering from lingering effects of getting the Covid virus or negative side effects from the vaccines and boosters. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear from one or more practitioners asking Dr. Todd how they can help their patient/client who is suffering from the after effects. SHAPE will gently detox, strengthen the immune system, go after inflammatory symptoms and help folks release the toxins stored in their fat cells.

Are you talking to every patient/client and suggesting they do at least one bottle of SHAPE with clean, anti-inflammatory eating? We are confident they will reap the rewards and many will want to continue on their SHAPE journey after seeing what just one bottle could do to improve their health.

Interested in earning another $50,000 this year? If you start 3 patients/clients a week on the program and you charged the average package price of $350 to support them through that one bottle (includes initial visit, 4 follow-ups, 5 total UA’s, one bottle of drops and one program guidebook), you will earn $50,400. 

Dr. Todd has always said, “Help 25 people heal with SHAPE and your practice is capable of instantly doubling if those 25 people refer just one friend or family member and so it goes. Don’t be afraid to ask those patients/clients to refer one person to you. People love helping others improve!

Symposium, Software, Master Class Reminders

The SYMPOSIUM will be here before you know it and Dr. Todd and I cannot begin to express how excited we are to bring all our SHAPE family together again! There is NOTHING like a SHAPE gathering, and we give you our word, you will be thankful you invested the time, energy and finances to grow your SHAPE business!

If you’ve ever hosted a huge event, you know there are a mass of details that go into planning and all decisions are dependent upon the total of attendees. Please, please register as soon as possible to help us with ordering everything we need to make this an exceptional and memorable event.

Please RSVP if you will be joining us Thursday evening for our SHAPE FAMILY REUNION. 

If you would like to share the cost of your hotel expense, please let us know and we will pair you up with another awesome SHAPE practitioner.


We love hearing all the positive feedback from those who have already invested in becoming a Master at Facial Diagnosis/Analysis.

Because we know what adding Facial Diagnosis/Analysis can mean to your practice, we invested much to create the FACIAL ANALYSIS MASTER CLASS and develop the software.

Our goal is to help you become the best clinician you can be. The sky’s the limit on your return of investment. If you were to provide the 12 people you start on SHAPE per month a full facial diagnosis/analysis @ $100 per, you would increase your income another $14,400 a year.

Order Now!



We invite and welcome all practitioners to join this group and share encouraging posts or information that would edify all members. It takes a village to encourage & motivate!

No practice websites, emails, phone numbers, hashtags permitted! 

Rule #3: No soliciting. Promoting or advertising personal business or social venture is not allowed. SHAPE practitioners can advertise themselves on SHAPE’s website within Find A Practitioner, not within this group.

Rule #10: Recommending a SHAPE Practitioner. We accept members recommending their SHAPE practitioner by name when another asks for a referral. We also allow practitioners to thank whomever for the “shout out”, however,  we do not allow practitioners to promote their personal SHAPE business via advertising means within their own response. No phone numbers, email or website reference. All advertising is within Find A Practitioner on SHAPE’s website.

If you have not created your personal “Find a Practitioner” to advertise your practice on SHAPE’s website, click the link below and create to your heart’s content. The more you share about your practice, the more enticing it will be for those seeking a practitioner!

Create a Listing for Find a Practitioner

Updating Website Find A Practitioner

Though we have not required our practitioners purchase a specific amount of product for us to continue advertising you on our national website, we find the need to create some boundaries in order to honestly and ethically advertise active SHAPE practices. We have received calls from the general public that they have tried to connect and finding some don’t have product in stock, don’t feel they have the experience and knowledge to support them and disappointed that we are advertising them.

It’s a fine line we walk. We want to honor all our SHAPE practitioners, yet we believe we need to be honest and accurate with our advertising.

  • If you have not ordered SHAPE drops within 6 months, we will be INACTIVATING your FAP until an order is placed. 
  • While we do not want to put a number on how much you must order to remain active in FAP, we will monitor your purchases and those who order so few, will not be advertised on our FAP.
  • Most have absolutely nothing to worry about because you order consistently and we can see SHAPE is alive and well in your practice.