It’s so nice to find something that works! – Nancy

I am a 67- year old woman who has always had weight issues. This past Thanksgiving, a relative whom I only see a few times a year had changed so much. I couldn’t wait to ask HOW?! She told me all about the SHAPE Program and the best thing I liked was the doctor’s weekly supervision. It was just time to change things and not start down the slippery slope of, “Yes, I am 67 and had better be retiring and accepting my limitations.”

In December 2017, at 245 lbs., I made the call. I decided I wanted to try the program for a whole year, to experience all the seasons and holidays. It has sometimes been sad to forego the special cookies and foods that mark a holiday but I was amazed at how much FOOD had controlled how I saw things and that the attachment WOULD pass, and I DID survive!

I have eaten healthy for over 40 years but just kept adding the pounds.

I was happy that heavy exercise was not encouraged but I was able to keep up my Pilates.

The drops made sense – working to balance the endocrine and hormonal systems.

The idea of preparing most of your own foods (though I fought it at first) seemed so right and actually healing in itself. Yes, you can still find food at most restaurants to fit the plan.

For too many years I have been resistant to being MORE mindful about my eating until I realized that I was not only helping myself but my family, my job and using my God-given talents for many more years – I DO care about being there for them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s so nice to find something that works! Oh, and a couple months under the one-year mark, and I have lost 65 lbs. and 50 inches (gradually and steadily).


Submitted by Dr. Brettany Hummert