It’s been one year, and the pounds have stayed off! – Ashley

I thought I’d always be the ‘fat one’ at my CrossFit gym. I was working out like crazy and eating a perfect paleo diet but wasn’t seeing any difference. I could increase the number of workouts, the time, the intensity, the weights, etc. but nothing ever worked. I did the paleo challenge at the gym every time it was held, and I participated in several back-to-back CrossFit team competitions which required an additional layer of intense team-based training. It was super frustrating to put in that kind of time and effort but not see what I wanted: a loss of fat!

When Dr. K started offering SHAPE ReClaimed in his clinic, he did a workshop on inflammation and how it affects the body. I went to the workshop and was interested, but I wasn’t sure it was for me. However, after putting in as much effort as I had with very little to show, I decided to give it a shot.

When I started the program, Dr. K highly recommended taking photos, measurements and weights throughout my journey to monitor my progress. I’m glad I did! The drop in weight and measurements over the first two months was amazing. I was finally getting somewhere! Just when things were going really well, I suffered a few setbacks in my subsequent two cycles of the SHAPE Program. My third was okay, but my fourth was turning into a disaster. Dr. K recommended I stop Phase I, try to take as much of what I learned and apply it to daily lifestyle, and start back when I was ready to stay strict. It worked! After taking several weeks off, I started back and did two more very successful cycles of Phase I before switching to Phase II/III before the holidays. After the holidays, I was ready to start back on Phase I and was able to continue straight through to the one year mark in April.

During the SHAPE Program, I had been taking photos on a monthly basis, wearing the same clothes and trying to stand in the same position. At the one-year mark, the difference was amazing! I was extremely embarrassed to put photos like this on Facebook, but I decided I had to. I wanted others to know about the program and see the results. I was down 59 lbs. and 89 total inches by this time. I was really hoping to say it was an even 60lbs, but at the time, it was 59, and I didn’t want stretch the truth.

It’s been one year since that post on Facebook and the pounds have stayed off! I transitioned to Phase II/III and stayed there for several months. As of April 2017, I’m about to start another cycle of Phase I and take it even further.

Overall, the SHAPE Program has been amazing!  Not only did I lose weight, but my workouts are better, I have more energy, I feel better, my digestion improved, and I learned a ton along the way. There were times when it was tough to hang in but I’m so glad I did! Thank you, SHAPE ReClaimed!


Submitted by Dr. Brandon Kaminski