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SHAPE ReClaimed is passionate about being a force for positive change, and we partner with like-minded practitioners from all disciplines to help restore people back to the health they never should have left in the first place.

We’ve partnered with InBody to deliver personalized results that can guide your patient’s/client’s health journey.

SHAPE Practitioners are responsible for the development and adjustment of dietary interventions specific to each patient’s/client’s condition and goals. Successful practitioners must understand their patient’s/client’s history, lifestyle, and food preferences, as well as any physical limitations or socioeconomic barriers. With the proper tools, we can help patients/clients develop specific, measurable, action-orientated, time sensitive, attainable goals. At SHAPE ReClaimed, we’re offering the opportunity for patients/clients to use an InBody product for comprehensive body composition analysis, or the BPBIO320S for advanced blood pressure monitoring.

Often times we are all asked, what is the best home scale. Now you have their answer. InBody’s H20N – Home Scale can be sold to the patient/client at $370 SRP and you pay $329. Your profit is $50 for every home scale you sell.

In 70 seconds, the InBody Test provides easy-to-understand, accurate and objective measurements to evaluate a patient’s/client’s current body composition as well as monitor the success of dietary interventions. Our practitioners can use the InBody to:

  • Determine baseline body composition and identify areas needing improvement for optimal health and disease risk reduction
  • Assess Basal Metabolic Rate to guide estimated daily nutrient needs for the most effective nutrition programs
  • Track changes over time to ensure patient/client progress and success, allowing the patient/client to see changes for improved motivation and accountability.

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