In All Things…Give Thanks! 2022


                                    If you’re alive and breathing, eating, seeing, talking or walking,                              

            Which some precious people cannot do, BE THANKFUL.

                  For families, friends, coworkers, for life and love, BE THANKFUL.

           For material things like a roof over your head,

Transportation to and from, food on your table, LET’S BE THANKFUL.

Then there’s this amazing beautiful earth and sky that God has given us to admire,

With its trees and rivers, oceans and mountains, clouds and stars and planets. WOW!THERE’S SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOREven if things are not perfect!


* For every 100 EARLY registrations, we will raffle 1 case of  SHAPE, 12 Program Guidebooks, 12 Urine Kits

Retail Value $1980 (12 SHAPE Drops=$780, 12 PG’s=$120, 12 UA Kits=$1080) 

* If you register before Dec 1st, your name will go in drawing TWO times

* If you register before Jan 1st, your name will go in drawing ONE time

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All orders must be placed in the SHAPE primary practitioner’s name.

Not a secondary practitioner, not a spouse & not a support staff member.

Our system wants to create new accounts instead of directing the order into the

Practitioner’s account causing bookkeeping headaches.


Though we ship Priority 2 day – there is no guarantee.

We are going the extra mile to secure product when packaging.

Increase in holiday shipping will cause definite delays and potential damage.

                           STOCK UP FOR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONERS!!!                         

 SHAPE DROPS DO NOT EXPIRE!!!  Ordering by the case saves you on price per bottle and shipping fees!  

We’ve known some to order a bottle or two, several times a month and wound up paying $89+ in shipping.

By ordering a case, your average cost to ship would be $12 and you would pay $32.50 per bottle vs $36.

Huge saving when you order by the case!!!


Food Fact and Cooking Tips: Turkey

It’s hard to picture a holiday dinner celebration without the turkey, especially Thanksgiving.

Turkey is the main event for a reason: it is not only delicious, but also highly nutritious.

Turkey Cooking Tips