I lost 50 pounds without feeling tired, hungry, or tempted! – Barbara

I’ve tried various diets all my life but always regained what I lost. The SHAPE Program is the first program that worked – because you lose fat not muscle! I started at 226 pounds, and I lost 50 pounds without feeling tired, hungry or tempted! 

The first month, I lost three and a half inches around my neck and stopped using my CPAP machine because the pressure was so high the noise kept me awake. (I settled for a C-shaped pillow rather than paying for a new sleep study each month, as I was continually losing weight.) 

The next month, I began to cross my legs to put on medical support hose, rather than bringing knee to crotch. 

By early May, I stopped using asthma meds because my obstruction during singing wasn’t asthma, it was fat obstructing full excursion of my diaphragm. So, my singing was back! Instead of taking a new breath every two measures, I could now sustain a long musical line! Also, I was able to move from singing tenor backup to alto. 

By mid-May, I was able to fly on a plane without a seat belt extension, and shop for over-the-counter clothes in a 1X rather than a 5X size. 

Thank you, Dr. Bob, for starting me on the SHAPE Program! 


Submitted by Dr. Bob Carpenter 

P.S. by Dr. Bob Carpenter: With weight loss came a new relationship for Barb. She was married last fall and her husband is now doing the SHAPE Program as well and has lost a total of 85 pounds. They are now square dancing regularly together!