I have never seen results like we are seeing with SHAPE ReClaimed.

I can’t begin to tell you how satisfied I am with this program. As one of 9 chiropractors in my family and over 30 years in practice myself, I have never seen results like we are seeing with SHAPE ReClaimed.

I have not endorsed any weight loss program in 30 years because I always believed the problem was in the brain. Look at all the people that have had gastric bypass surgery and how a lot of them gain their weight back!

However, I could never explain it until now. This program makes so much sense physiologically that no other plan even comes close to it. After just five months as a SHAPE practitioner, I saw more patients for SHAPE than for any other reason at the office.

SHAPE ReClaimed was the missing link to our practice. We now have a realistic option for our patients that addresses the core of most illnesses: toxicity and inflammation.

Dr. Thomas DiSalvatore
Ashtabula, OH
SHAPE Practitioner since 2012

SHAPE ReClaimed