I have NEVER experienced anything so remarkable in my life! – T.S.

This is a little tale about a 55-year old woman who wanted to know if she, at this point in her life, could go from fat and flabby to fabulous! 

The journey started in June of 2012. There I was at the head of the line at my neighborhood Walmart clutching the latest women’s magazine that contained the ‘diet of the month’ in my chubby hands. 

With zeal, I went home and read through the diet.  My zeal took a major blow when I realized I had already tried that ‘miracle diet’ and like all the other diets I had ever been on, I failed. Oh! I neglected to tell you that I am the ‘Diet Queen.’  You name it, I’ve probably been on that diet or some form of it. 

Dejected, I headed downstairs to my library of diet books, selecting the last one that gave me any kind of success: low carb/high protein, boring as heck, but I knew I could lose at least five pounds of water weight by the end of the week if not more and I did. However, as usual, by the end of the week, I was also ready to eat everything in sight and then some! My resolve broke, and I began looking for yet another ‘remedy’ for my flab when I received an email from my brother-in-law, Tom. Tom and I are kindred spirits, having fought the ‘battle of the bulge’ for most of our lives. On opening the email, I was amazed by what I saw! There was a before picture of Tom and then there was this other guy! The first picture was of the Tom I knew and had seen at my daughter’s wedding a few years ago, but this other guy? Who was that??? As I looked closer, it was indeed Tom! Well, I had to know right then what he did to get that way. Whatever his secret was, I wanted in on it. He replied that he had discovered an amazing protocol called the SHAPE Program developed by Dr. Todd Frisch. It was a completely natural product that had amazing results. Tom had lost over 140 pounds on the plan! 

The enclosed link led to me to the SHAPE ReClaimed  website. 

I listened to the audio seminars where Dr. Frisch explained the protocol. I was delighted to hear that this was not another diet, rather a protocol for optimum health. The SHAPE Program dealt with the problems of inflammation and depressed immune system-trademarks of a viciously painful condition called fibromyalgia. As I listened, I learned that I no longer had to be a prisoner of this intense pain and that I could also be free from flab! 

I eagerly began the protocol on July 18, 2012. “Wow” would be an understatement! I have NEVER experienced anything so remarkable in my life! Fast forward to today: I am relatively pain free from my fibromyalgia and I’ve lost 89 pounds all thanks to Dr. Frisch’s SHAPE Program. I’ve also gained a new attitude regarding my relationship with food through the amazing coaching of Dr. Tom and Ruthie Petit and the incredible support of my husband Tip. 

Yes, you can go from fat/flabby to fabulous (well at least I think I look pretty fabulous and my husband agrees!) 

I am celebrating the first day of 2013 as a happy, HEALTHY new woman! 

Happy New Year-Happy New Me!