I have added life to their years.

The first question I ask before I bring a new protocol, therapy or device into the practice is, “Will this truly benefit my patients’ lives?” For the SHAPE Program, the answer is a resounding yes.

The SHAPE Program has greatly broadened my patients’ view of me beyond the traditional “back and neck” practice — so much so that I am even changing the name of my clinic. I have added life to their years and money to their pockets in drugs they no longer need.

Dr. Frisch and his entire staff have been an enormous help along the way. If they cannot take a call immediately (which is rare), they are very diligent to make sure I get a return phone call and the questions answered that I need. I feel very confident in the product as well, because I know by whom and where it is manufactured. Their clinical support manuals are very thorough.

Dr. Richard Hathcock
Memphis, TN
HAPE Practitioner since 2011