I got life put back into my life. – Jose

My name is Jose, and I was referred to Dr. Hathcock and the SHAPE Program through a mutual friend that had not only lost weight, but also resolved his chronic knee pain allowing him to run competitively without pain slowing him down. I work at a bicycle shop where competitive cycling enthusiasts come through daily. I enjoyed some of the longer charity runs, but at 6’4” and my weight at 300 lbs., cycling was WAY more work than it needed to be.

I started the SHAPE Program to lose weight, but Dr. Hathcock predicted it would be so much more for me if I focused on the goals we set that first week together. The first month, I was down right around 50 lbs., and my energy was through the roof. By the end of month 8, I was almost down to 200 lbs. and was now a regular on the cycle and the 5K running circuit. My back no longer hurt, I no longer needed my BP meds, the C-pap machine I was going to have to get never got ordered.

I got life put back into my life.

Thanks, Dr. Hathcock and the SHAPE Program.


Submitted by Dr. Richard Hathcock