I gained my life back. – R.B.

My story begins when a long lost friend found me on Facebook after 20 years. She came to visit, and we had a wonderful time reconnecting. As she was leaving, she said, “Now that I’ve found you, I would hate to lose you due to your health. I hope for you the best!” 

At that time, I was 36 years old, finally found my soulmate and married 4 years prior, bought our first home together and had a 3-month old son. Her parting comment was the wake-up call I needed! 

My wife learned about the SHAPE Program and suggested I work with Dr. Todd Frisch to restore my health. On December 9th, I weighed in at 434 pounds. I was more committed than I had ever been. Being Dr. Frisch’s first patient with this amount of weight to lose, I became his test case for long-term (12+ months) Phase I protocol. I was diligent to keep my appointments for close monitoring using his urinalysis protocol to determine my dietary adjustments. 

At the beginning, the pounds were melting off. Eventually my weight loss slowed down somewhat, but this was replaced by continued loss of inches. In Phase I, I had lost 196 pounds. 

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude. I will sum it up by saying, I gained my life back. 

I held my new weight setpoint consistently until life came at me like a derailed freight train. I transitioned to Phase II and gained back 18 pounds after settling in on what foods worked and what foods triggered weight gain. I gained an additional 12 pounds during the months we were under tremendous stress. 

What Dr. Frisch had been teaching me about stress and how that alone can be a contributing factor for weight gain became crystal clear. Though I continued eating clean foods, I did gain some weight. However, once the stress subsided, I stabilized once again. 

Now that life has settled back down, I am ready to jump back in the game and finish what I set out to dotransform my health completely so that I have decades ahead to spend enjoying life with my wife and son.