I felt like a new woman with NO aches, pains, ear issues, or sinus problems. – F.T.

My journey was not about the weight. It was about the inflammation. Then again, who doesn’t have 5-10 lbs. they would like to lose?

It all started at age 10 with ear infections, allergies and sinus issues. I was always a mess and carried tissues everywhere.

I started immunotherapy for allergies with my family doctor 2 years before seeing Dr. Masin, only to find out I was worse than before. I had it all: fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, allergies, ADD, acid reflux, Bell’s palsy and an ugly skin rash.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Masin for my ear fluid, but he tied all my other issues to inflammation. I was leery to get ear tubes because I had them when I was younger and that didn’t seem to address all my issues. I was leaving for England in two weeks. If all my symptoms were inflammation, how would ear tubes improve my other problems? Dr. Masin ordered an MRI, but it wasn’t conclusive for fluid.

Dr. Masin recommended a tonsillectomy after I returned from England. That made more sense to me. So, we scheduled surgery for one month before my wedding. His nurse, Wendy Brown, tried to talk to me about the SHAPE Program at that visit, but I wasn’t ready to give up my 1-2 glasses of wine each night. I had already given up gluten and tomatoes when they did my allergy testing. Come to find out, I was worse off than before. Dr. Masin felt the tonsillectomy would do the trick.

Two post-op visits and a bleed that required me to be hospitalized overnight, I was ready to hear about the SHAPE Program. Wendy said inflammation was a big part of my problem. It was all so clear. Next, my therapist said it was time to go back on my ADD meds, so that eliminated my wine obstacle.

After week 1, I felt amazing. I had less brain fog. I remember it was a rainy day when I came in for my follow up with Wendy , and my rash and body aches were almost completely gone. By week 3, my constant gallbladder pain was non-existent, and I had almost reached my goal weight. By week 4, more than the 10 lbs. I had expected to lose were gone! I felt like a new woman with NO aches, pains, ear issues, or sinus problems. My ADD meds used to make me slow as a slug but here I was, feeling great and full of energy!

Both my husband and I are ecstatic to have Dr. Masin and Wendy Brown in our lives. Now, I know how to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain my weight.


Submitted by Wendy Brown