I am capable of so much more every day! – Helle Berry

Food dulls the pain of loss, or so I hoped. I ate to dull the loss of my love, my husband, to the ravages of ALS in 2012. I ate myself to discomfort. I worked out with a trainer and followed that up by eating goodies at the attached coffee shop. Last summer, as I headed toward the age of 67 and realized both my parents reached 90+, I decided I must take better care of me.

Shortly after making that decision, I reconnected with the chiropractor my late husband and I went to for treatments. Not only is my practitioner a great doctor, her change in size, enthusiasm, and delight in life was a motivator for me to give the SHAPE Program a try. Eating real food and seeing real results motivated me to make changes myself.

I have rediscovered the joys of meal preparation: real food, simply prepared. My energy level is up, my enthusiasm for living has been rediscovered and my weight is down. As to my fitness level, I may not be the Energizer Bunny, but I am capable of so much more every day! The best is the joy in life I have rediscovered!