I am 65 years old, feel 20 years younger, and can run circles around the 40-somethings at work. – G.V.

The first time I heard of SHAPE ReClaimed was from a friend who had lost 105 pounds on the program.

I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. I would fluctuate between being 20 and 50-pounds overweight. I did not have the motivation for yet another “diet.” Little did I know, the SHAPE Program is a journey, not a diet. I have tried every diet out there, one of them numerous times. Foods that other people could eat would make me gain weight. I knew I needed more than a diet.

The SHAPE Program was literally an answer to my prayers. I found Dr. Shaquala Reese online and read the information on the SHAPE website. She is the closest practitioner to my home. When I realized that I pass her office twice daily for work, I knew I had to make an appointment. Dr. Reese and her staff were very supportive all throughout my journey.

I have never lost weight from the inside out before. I have never felt deprived when eating SHAPE-approved foods. Eating real food never tasted so good. As a result, I added years to my life along with the bonus of shedding 33 pounds. I am 65 years old, feel 20 years younger, and can run circles around the 30 and 40-somethings at work. SHAPE has changed my life! I plan on continuing on to even better health with the SHAPE Program for the rest of my life.


Submitted by Dr. Shaquala Reese