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 SHAPE ReClaimed was developed on two premises:

                                                           All diets fail!                                                              It can’t just be metabolism!

We believe all diets fail because the brain gets a message its starving!

Looking for a practice game changer? SHAPE ReClaimed is changing the medical narrative from “what’s wrong” to “what’s not right”!

Ever find yourself struggling with a complex list of symptoms, a medical test file that indicates “nothing is wrong”? You know something is wrong and your patient/client definitely knows something is wrong and yet you think, now what am I going to do and where do I start?

You start with SHAPE!

Let’s restore people back to the health they never should have left in the first place!

SHAPE is a proprietary nanomolecular blend whose anti-inflammatory, immune-enhancing and detoxing effects quiet the noise of symptoms that block the discovery of the problem. And SHAPE has the additional benefit of helping shed toxic weight.

Developed by Dr. Todd Frisch with over four decades of clinical experience in restorative medicine, SHAPE has been supporting practitioners like you around the country to zero-in on patient/client root issues and heal them faster and more safely when all else failed.