Grow Your Wellness Business

Grow Your Wellness Business

Do you want to grow your wellness business? Whether you’re just starting out or have an existing business, SHAPE ReClaimed can help you build and grow your wellness business with our proven system for healing, easy-to-implement framework and turn-key marketing.

When you’re ready to grow your business and change lives, start with SHAPE ReClaimed.

Proven System for Healing

SHAPE Program

The SHAPE Program combines our anti-inflammatory SHAPE Nutrition Protocol and SHAPE Drops. The program is easily customized to each patient’s/client’s needs through a simple urinalysis. From fatigue to body aches and pains, mood problems and metabolic imbalances, the SHAPE Program is your go-to solution. 

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Sometimes proper nutrition simply isn’t enough for your patients/clients to achieve optimal health. Whether it be due to unknown food sensitivities, poor digestion or metabolic imbalances, many people need additional support in order for their diet to have a healing impact.

This is why we developed the SHAPE Drops. The SHAPE Drops enhance communication between the hypothalamus and pituitary, which helps to correct metabolic imbalances and provide whole body support, thereby elevating the benefits of anti-inflammatory nutrition. The SHAPE Drops make the SHAPE Program unlike anything you or your patients/clients have ever tried before.  

For a complete list and explanation of ingredients in the SHAPE Drops, click here.

Easy-to-Implement Framework

Our easy-to-implement framework makes it possible to add the SHAPE Program to an existing wellness business or, if you’re just starting out, to build a wellness business with the SHAPE Program as your foundation. Here’s the framework in action: 

  1. Take the online training course. The SHAPE Practitioner Certification Course follows the Practitioner Training Guidebook and teaches what you need to know to be successful as a SHAPE practitioner. (You can be working with patients/clients while taking the course!)
  2. Have a discussion with your patient/client about their health history and goals. This helps you get to know your patient/client so they can start the program on the right foot.
  3. Perform a baseline urinalysis. We will teach you exactly what to look for in the urinalysis. You will use this baseline as a gauge for future urinalyses so you can customize the protocol to your patient’s/client’s needs.
  4. Give your patient/client a bottle of SHAPE Drops and a Program Guidebook. They will take the SHAPE Drops three times daily and follow the instructions in the Program Guidebook
  5. Meet regularly with your patient/client. We recommend meeting every 1-2 weeks to perform a urinalysis, make any necessary adjustments to the protocol and answer your patient’s/client’s questions. We teach you exactly how to customize the program to their unique needs, in person or remotely.

To make this framework even easier to implement, you’ll have access to forms that you can use as part of your health history intake paperwork and urinalysis chart templates for tracking results. Also, in addition to the Program Guidebook, we have hundreds of SHAPE-approved recipes and educational articles, plus a private support group on Facebook.  

Turn-Key Marketing

Now that you know how the SHAPE Program works and how easy it is to implement it in your wellness business, you might be wondering how you actually get people to come through your door (metaphorically speaking if your business is virtual). While there are many business-building strategies, marketing is not one you have to worry about because SHAPE ReClaimed has you covered. 

As a SHAPE practitioner, you have access to a library of over 800 individual pieces of digital marketing content from customizable blog posts and PowerPoint presentations to ready-to-post images for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  

We add content to this library regularly, so you’ll always have something fresh to share with your patients/clients. Here are a few examples:

Start changing lives with the SHAPE Program.

Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a SHAPE Practitioner

  1. The SHAPE Program offers quick results. This means more referrals!
  2. We’re not just another weight loss program. It’s truly a program that ReClaims your patients’/clients’ health.
  3. You can increase your income potential without working more hours.
  4. No more stressing about marketing. It’s all done for you.
  5. You get a free listing on our website in our Find-a-Practitioner online directory.
  6. You have access to top-notch education and training through our free online course and guidebooks.
  7. We provide unparalleled patient/client support saving you valuable time and money.
  8. You get to remain independent and continue doing what you do best. SHAPE ReClaimed is not a franchise or direct sales/multi-level marketing (MLM) company.
  9. You stand out from the noise. As a wellness practitioner who offers SHAPE ReClaimed, you are the solution people are looking for.
  10. You will establish credibility with our signature program.

For a closer look into these benefits, click here.

The Ideal SHAPE Patient/Client

The SHAPE Program is a total health restoration program designed to balance pH, encourage a healthy stress response, enhance digestion, detox and cleanse, boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

If you have patients/clients with any of the following, make the SHAPE Program your go-to solution:

  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Brain fog
  • Digestive problems
  • Fatigue for no apparent reason
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Mood problems
  • Pain, swelling or stiffness not related to activity
  • Weight gain

How much does it cost to become a SHAPE practitioner?

You can choose from three different Startup Packages. This one-time fee includes everything you need to kickstart the SHAPE Program in your wellness business.

There are no order minimums or monthly/yearly fees. When you need more product, you simply purchase wholesale from our online shop.

For details on pricing, start by filling out our application here!

How do I purchase products?

Once you become a SHAPE practitioner, you will purchase products through our online shop. Our shop is password-protected and unavailable to the public.

You can become a SHAPE practitioner today be applying here!

Is SHAPE ReClaimed a franchise, multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct sales company?

No. SHAPE ReClaimed is a national company which distributes products through credentialed wellness professionals throughout the United States who have a wholesale account.

If you are a credentialed wellness professional, you can become a SHAPE practitioner today by applying here!

What credentials do I need to be a SHAPE practitioner?

We accept a variety of wellness credentials including: CHHP, CNHP, CNS, DC, DO, DNM, IFMCP, LAc, LD, LEHP, LMHC, MD, ND, NP, PA, RD, RN, and more.

If you don’t see your credential listed, you can fill out the application here and we will review your credentials to see if you qualify.

Are there monthly order minimums for SHAPE practitioners?

No. SHAPE practitioners are not required to order a minimum amount of product in any given time period.

Are there any annual fees as a SHAPE practitioner?

No, there are no annual fees. The Startup Packages are a one-time cost. Then, you can order individual products through our online shop as needed.

More reasons to grow your wellness business with SHAPE ReClaimed:

  • Hundreds of SHAPE practitioners have done it! Check out their testimonials.
  • The SHAPE Program really works! Read these case studies.

Have more questions? Find answers in our FAQs or call SHAPE Central @ 636.484.8444.

Are you ready to grow your wellness business?