GEMA – Holistic Health Licenses a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering ecclesiastical holistic health practitioner licenses, guidance, business support and membership to receive healthcare God's way - wellness according to the teachings in the Bible.

What is GEMA? (pronounced GEE-MAH)

Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association was formed to fill a great need for a central organization that brings together both excellent, qualified and approved Holistic Health and Faith Based providers, and people who are searching for such services as an alternative to the medicines that may not have worked for them in the past, that may only be treating symptoms, that may have strong side effects (such as opiates which are highly addictive, and have added to the burden of this country’s failing healthcare system, been responsible for escalating deaths, and do not resolve the health issue). GEMA was formed because of the need to provide natural wellness providers with recognition of excellence, and a standard, a place to refer to for questions, further education and advice, and a center for protection and guardianship, both legally and morally.

What are GEMA's goals?

  • to assist individuals, both in the USA and other countries, who are searching for an alternative to conventional treatments that have not provided them relief. Through the support and encouragement, licensing and education of the Natural Health and Wellness providers and practitioners, and the listing and advancements through GEMA, so the people who need care can connect with those who can provide it.
  • to defend the rights of Holistic Health Practitioners and to maintain a high standard of vetting for such Practitioners to assure the public of receiving balanced and quality alternative faith-based health and as well as safety for those seeking it.
  • to sponsor educational and faith based webinars, tours for conferences, both in the US and other countries, for the improvement of Holistic Health services, health and faith acceptance and to encourage the alternative health choices available.
  • Most importantly GEMA helps you stay safe & legal as you provide holistic health services.

  • Affordable monthly fees, even for a start-up Holistic Health Practitioner or Christian Counselor. No long-term contract required—may pay by the month.
  • Staff support is superior to other Groups—licensed members may speak via phone with a live person during office hours which are M-F 9am - 4pm CST. Also 24-7 Answering Service.
  • GEMA helps GUARD and GROW your holistic health services through their Holistic Health Link partnership.
  • GEMA founders have over 40 years of combined experience in developing ecclesiastical memberships; they are not novices and thus make firm decisions without continually changing the rules.
  • No penalty imposed on anyone who joins and later withdraws (certain conditions apply).
  • GEMA is affiliated with several 501 (c) 3 organizations—established by the founders of GEMA. In addition, GEMA's legal department can assist you in setting up your non-profit or for-profit corporation or LLC for your practice at a reasonable cost!
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