Fork Your Diet: It’s Never Too Late to ReClaim Your Health

From the founders of SHAPE ReClaimed, Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch:

We first met Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood of the Functional Medical Institute when they were recommended to teach at our SHAPE Symposium in November 2014. Dr. Mark lifted up our SHAPE family with his powerful presentation and they were both similarly impressed by what they were learning about the SHAPE ReClaimed program. They felt SHAPE ReClaimed would make a tremendous impact in the health of their patients and joined our SHAPE family in January 2015. They were all-in and soon became one of our busiest SHAPE clinics.

Since that time, Drs. Mark and Michele have published two books, The Quest for Wellness (2015) and Fork Your Diet: Master the 4 Fundamentals of Good Health (2019). We are honored to be a part of their journey in their latest project, the Fork Your Diet documentary!

Fork Your Diet follows two mid-lifers approaching senior status and turns their health and lives around. The documentary will have you laughing, crying and inspired all while teaching you that it’s never too late to ReClaim vibrant health. Throughout the film, you’ll learn from Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood, Dr. Amy L. Doneen, Dr. David H. Haase, Dr. Felice L. Gersh, Dr. Anthony Lyssy, Dr. Atul K. Sachdev and Dr. David Wright, each experts in their fields.

Here’s what Dr. Mark Sherwood and director/patient Stevie had to say about their experience making Fork Your Diet:

Dr. Mark Sherwood:

Being part of a nontraditional functional medicine practice, my wife, Dr. Michele, and I are often approached by clients advocating certain modalities to bring about healing to our patient base. Though there are certainly benefits in a variety of modalities, over time we have determined what yields true results. Over the last several years, our practice has expanded to over 8000 patients worldwide because of a system that provides the best internal situation for the body to convey its natural healing processes.

Our practice focuses on five key areas: lifestyle adjustment/stress management, DNA analysis, sleep optimization, hormone balance and biblical principles. By employing strategies to maximize each area, clients experience a 100% success rate by simply following the designed plan, which is very personalized. We have seen this process work in the reversal of common disease conditions, and of course, the countless persons who likely avoided such conditions.

A non-negotiable portion of our lifestyle intervention includes the SHAPE ReClaimed Nutrition Protocol. We recommend this for literally every person. There have been no occasions without incredible benefit. This is a cornerstone of our practice.

Whether making a movie, writing a best-selling book, or teaching physicians or laypersons, we stress that everyone follow this anti-inflammatory food protocol. It brings permanent lifestyle adjustment if initiated and monitored correctly.

One of the greatest thrills in our lives is seeing people get well. We know that reduction of inflammation is a major key. Therefore, employing the SHAPE Program is a must to place people on a pathway to optimum health.

Stevie Fernandez:

Hi, I’m Stevie Fernandez, producer, director and patient of the health documentary Fork Your Diet. When I started working with the primary doctors involved in our wellness movie (Dr’s. Mark and Michele Sherwood of the Functional Medical Institute), in my mind, I was just telling their story. I wasn’t even supposed to be in the movie or a patient at all. You know why? Because I didn’t believe I needed to change anything in my life. Yes, I was approaching 60 years old, with all kinds of aches and pains, 65+ pounds overweight and unable to do all the outdoor activities that I used to love doing my entire life. I was just ready to write it off as getting older.

Then, as I started doing research for the movie and began talking to all the doctors that were part of the project, it started to dawn on me that maybe I didn’t need to feel the way I was feeling anymore. Maybe I wasn’t just getting old and something else was going on with my body. Something else that I could change, that could make me feel better, maybe even make me feel awesome again.

The first hurdle: changing the way I ate. I was famously known for putting almost everything I ate between two slices of bread and being a huge fan of sweets. Plus, I almost never ate any vegetables.

As part of the process in making the film, I went through the wellness initial exams. I thought I’d be fine, maybe their findings would say I just needed to lose the weight. I was floored when Dr. Mark told me that my health markers were pointing towards me becoming diabetic and that I was at serious risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

That’s when I knew I had to get serious. I didn’t want my grandkids pushing me around in a wheelchair. I wanted to be chasing and playing with them. Dr. Mark introduced me to a little white book and blue dropper bottle, two little things that would change my life in a very big way. Dr. Mark told me all the aches and pains were coming from the inflammation caused by the food I was eating. Immediately he put me on the Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse plan from the SHAPE Program. Then he gave me the SHAPE Drops.

In a very short period of time, I noticed my body aches starting to go away as well as my cravings for unhealthy foods. I was once again able to run and do other exercises that I thought were a thing of the past. I got stronger and the weight started coming off fast. Recovery time from long runs and workouts got shorter and shorter. Best of all, within just 6 months of starting the program, my health scares were drastically reduced. I even ran a half marathon this year faster than I did almost a decade ago.

Dr. Todd Frisch’s SHAPE Program and the wellness plan set forth by my doctors, Dr. Mark and Dr. Michele Sherwood, work. I’m healthier than I’ve been in 20 years because of it.

Watch the documentary now! Fork Your Diet


Updated 1-26-22