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Begin your journey by finding a SHAPE practitioner in your area.

SHAPE practitioners are required to maintain a high level of training and education, because SHAPE ReClaimed is a living, breathing, ever-changing program.

1. Practitioner-supervised for individualized support and care.

2. Balance the body from a neurological and cellular level for long-term health.

3. Target stored toxic fat by cleansing, decreasing inflammation and improving immunity.

Why be resigned to your health?
ReClaim it!

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To find a practitioner near you, enter your zip code or address below. If your search yields no results, call SHAPE Central and we will do our best to assist.

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"Cholesterol in the normal range – finally."
- Tina H.

"Hashimoto’s is under control, which means I can be the mom I want to be. "
- Heather D.

"I can walk down the center aisle in an airplane without turning sideways or breaking anyone’s arm."
- Kris E.

"I can cross my legs comfortably."
- Kellye R.

"My husband wants to pick me up!"
- Terri J.

"Acid reflux
drastically reduced."
- Sandra D.

"No more insulin injections."
- Karen K.

"No more joint pain after about three weeks. Was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, but no, it was just from inflammation. 45 minutes in the car and I could hardly stand up straight and walk properly. Now, no problem at all. "
- Kip N.

"My thyroid medicine was reduced! That’s an amazing feeling!"
- Samantha M.

"I didn’t notice a change too much in my body until I realized I didn’t have much leg to shave."
- Samantha M..

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