Female – Obese, family history of diabetes

Christine presented at this clinic June 23, 2011. Her presenting complaint was obesity. She reported she had always been overweight having been raised in a family of obese members. Prior to coming to the clinic, her mother had been hospitalized with complications relating to her diabetes and this forced Christine to examine her own health status. She decided she did not want to experience diabetes and did not wish to pass this health history on to her two sons.

In June of 2011, Christine weighed 318 pounds, stood 5’3”, BP 148/90. She was married with two sons ages 10 and 12. She reported joint stiffness, craved coffee, craved candy, mild mood swings, shortness of breath on exertion, swollen ankles, slow starter in the mornings, drowsy in the afternoons and little interest in sex. She was prescribed blood pressure medication and an antidepressant. Christine works as a pastry chef and cake decorator.

On June 23, 2011, we performed our examination and explained the SHAPE Program. She chose to begin immediately with the two load days while taking the SHAPE Drops three times per day. She struggled with scheduling her meals with her work hours but after two weeks, she established her routine.

Christine kept her appointments for four months and lost 69 pounds. She chose to discontinue the program for the month of October and resumed December 2011, weighing 243 pounds. She managed to drop five additional pounds while off the program for October. She maintained Phase I for an additional four months and lost an additional 55 pounds concluding the program at 188 pounds. While taking the SHAPE Drops, she lost a total of 124 pounds in nine months.

During the program, Christine had difficulty finding an exercise program. We recommended a water exercise program because of her ankle edema and she had little muscle strength. She used the lazy river at the YMCA but in the beginning, she did not have the strength to walk against the current, only with the current. She eventually moved on to a cardio exercise class and a weightlifting class.

We last saw Christine March 2013. She weighed 181 pounds and has maintained her new food lifestyle. She has run in two 5K races with more planned for her future. She is off her hypertension meds but is fearful of giving up her antidepressant.

Submitted by Dr. Richard Emery

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment
There are times when I step back and look at my life and have come to the obvious conclusion that God is ordering my steps. I met Dr. Emery when I picked him out of the audience during a class I was teaching for the MSCA on facial diagnosis. From that chance meeting, a wonderful relationship has evolved and both Drs. Richard and Dorothy Emery, as well as their awesome assistant Tammy, have changed the lives of countless patients using the SHAPE Program. Both Linda and I are honored to call them our friends and humbled that they have chosen our product to help transform the health of their practice.

From being unable to walk against the current in the lazy river at the Y to running a 5K! Amazing!

This case history needs no additional comment other than a sincere thankfulness that ALL of our personal steps are being ordered. Linda and I want to thank every practitioner across this country duplicating this type of health transformation in their communities. Together, we’re making a tremendous impact.