Female – Lower back pain, high cholesterol and triglycerides

C.K has been a dedicated patient of mine for the last 18 years. She came from another chiropractor when she was having some lower back pain. With encouragement from her husband to see the new chiropractor in town (me), she finally made an appointment. C.K. was nervous and I was discussing a different type of adjustment for her lower back than she had previous received. She reminded me that she was having “severe” lower back pain.  Yes, she survived the new adjustment and is doing well with her chiropractic care. Over the years, C.K. has seen the office change with nutritional support being added and other programs to help serve our patients.

C.K. asked me one time, “Doc, do you think any of that nutritional support will help me?” She explained she really did not have any health issues but she wanted to do more for her health. What a great patient!

We added some standard supplements for C.K. She did great. Then she overheard me talking to another patient about the SHAPE Program. “Doc, I want to do that program.”

Here are her blood work results before and after the SHAPE Program:

NormalBeforeAfter (9 mo. later)
Total Cholesterol<200257164

Did you know that changing your diet and reducing your weight by only 13 pounds could change lipid profiles like this? C.K. did about 3 months of the SHAPE Program Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse and has followed up with Phases II and III.

C.K.  shared this interesting story with me: She had an annual check-up with her M.D. She could hear her medical provider outside the door and was waiting for her to come in. The door opened and M.D. with file in hand called out her name and then walked out stating she had wrong room. Immediately, C.K. says no doctor you have the right room. The medical doctor asked her what she had been doing because she looked 10 years younger! Being a great patient, C.K. explained her chiropractic care along with the SHAPE Program to improve her health! C.K. shared her lipid profiles with the M.D. Can you say “speechless?”

So, even our healthy patients can benefit from the SHAPE Program.

Submitted by Dr. Troy Branson

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment

This is a wonderful example of how being overweight by even 13 pounds can be associated with inflammation. While some still just think of SHAPE as a weight loss program only, many practitioners have begun embracing the amazing results of starting all their patients on the SHAPE Program as a cleanse and detox. It opens the patient’s eyes to how their food choices matter and how much their health can be improved. There is not a single adult patient that walks in your office that could not benefit from the SHAPE Program.