Female, age 8 – Tourette’s syndrome

Female, age 8, diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, multiple tics (vocal and motor), 15 lbs overweight, all weight in abdomen, Mother is a nurse.   

Upon examination, patient had the following issues:  

  • Hyporeflexia 
  • Chiropractic involvement in upper cervical and MB 
  • Acidic 
  • Hypoglycemic tendencies 
  • Liver/gallbladder stagnation 
  • Sympathetic dominance 
  • Possible subclinical hypothyroidism 
  • Poor circulation to brain (cerebral anemia via iris diagnosis) 
  • Yeast overgrowth 

Initial treatment: Chiropractic care and acupuncture.   

Initial supplements:  

  • Nat phos (to treat acidity) 
  • Reacted Mag/K (to treat sympathetic dominance) 
  • Orthobiotic Powder (to treat yeast overgrowth) 

Supplements later added:  

  • Dopatone (dopamine support) 
  • Dhist Jr (anti-histamine) 
  • SHAPE Drops 

I use the SHAPE Program to decrease inflammation first and foremost with weight loss being my secondary focus. The patient responded adequately, but once the SHAPE Program was added, dramatic changes began to occur. The vocal and motor tics reduced by about 80%. After following the SHAPE Program for 44 days, I did a re-evaluation. Tremendous improvement was noted throughout.   

I placed the patient on maintenance care and saw her and her mother this morning, July 20, 2015. She is down 20 pounds and looks marvelous; totally blew her pediatrician away with her dramatic improvement when seen last week. But here’s the amazing finding: As the patient moved away from the strict eating plan on the SHAPE Program, mom began to notice an increase in motor and vocal tics. Her worst reaction was after eating Cap’n Crunch cereal. Her symptoms returned to their severe state, and yet 2 days of eating clean, she was again 80% improved. I am considering treating this young patient for leaky gut in an attempt to gain even greater improvement. The anti-inflammation, detox and immune-enhancing aspects of the SHAPE Program are once again obvious. 

What doors might be opened in so many areas of health for your patients? SHAPE ReClaimed continues to amaze me even after 5 years of clinical use.  

Submitted by Dr. Todd Frisch, founder, SHAPE ReClaimed