Female, age 74 – Obese, hypertensive, reflux, knee problems

Claire was 74 years old and a retired RN when first starting the SHAPE Program. She was obese with a BMI of 37, hypertensive, didn’t sleep well and tired very easily with a low oxygen sat rate. She also suffered from gastric reflux and low-level depression. She had stopped walking for exercise as her knees were aching as well.  

Clinically her blood pressure started at 140/88, even with medication. Her oxygen sat rate was 85 and her tongue exhibited a thick white coat representing spleen dampness which was visible in slightly edematous ankles and obesity. Her urine pH was 5 indicating an acidic condition.   

As a longtime patient of mine for chiropractic care, she trusted me implicitly and chose to do the SHAPE Program. We immediately started her on Nat phos to balance out the pH and Poria 15, an herb from Golden Flower for dampness and obesity. She complied very well with the daily regimen of eating and, in fact, appreciated the structure. She also enjoyed seeing us one time per week for 4-6 weeks to assess urine and to be social as she was a widower and somewhat lonely.  

Within 5 weeks Claire felt so much better. She was able to start walking again, had more energy, and her blood pressure was now within normal while still medicated. The tongue presentation was now moist without the dampness so we stopped the Poria 15. pH was still slightly acidic so we kept her on Nat phos 

In 9 weeks, we measured her and she had lost 34.5 inches! In 12 weeks she was now sleeping very well and her oxygen sat rate was up to 98 and her MD was very impressed! She was not having gastric reflux and was taken off of that medication as well. Claire was highly motivated and continued on for another 4 months and at one point her weight and inch loss was so great that her blood pressure medication was too high and she started feeling weak. Her MD at that point took her off of her blood pressure medication! 

After 8 months Claire had lost 72 inches and now her BMI was 26.7. She was no longer on blood pressure medication or needed anything for reflux. She had the energy to walk and be more social with her friends. She enjoyed the Phase I food choices and was very thankful. She also understood that she was no longer inflamed and that was the source of so many of her problems. 

Submitted by Dr. Sharon Fitelson  

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment

I loved this case study. Dr. Fitelson and I both graduated in 1980. She from Logan and I from Palmer. I’ve always admired her professionalism and enjoyed her friendship for 36 years! 

We’re so often told in medicine today that there really isn’t much you can do for elderly patients. Try to manage their symptoms, throw some medication their way but they are mostly a “hard-boiled egg” and you can’t unboil a hard-boiled egg. Horse hockey! Look at the results obtained by Dr. Fitelson! 68 pounds! Off meds! Breathing better! Walking! 72 inches! (As a side note, if a patient loses 1/2 inch per pound, it is amazing. Claire did 1 inch per pound!) 

Dr. Fitelson supported this patient with supplements and the SHAPE Program, but did you notice the REAL support? This patient was lonely and Dr. Fitelson also “treated” this symptom by simply being there. Great job Dr. Fitelson!