Female, age 68 – High cholesterol

A 68year old female who works as a patient registration representative/trainer at our local hospital initially presented at our office September 16, 2014, after hearing of the SHAPE Program from other patients. 

Initial exam revealed 68-year old woman, in good health, height of 5’2”, weight 142.5lbs, BP 126/93, p89, BMI of 25.44, body fat analysis of 41.0% of fat and 58 pounds of fat. Physical exam revealed a normal heart auscultation with normal rhythm and rate. No peripheral edema was noted, peripheral arteries were normal amplitude and equal bilaterally. The abdomen was supple, not aortic pulse was noted, no hepatomegaly or splenomegaly are noted. Lung auscultation revealed no wheezing, rhonchi, rales or rubs and was equal with breath sounds. Chest percussion demonstrated no dullness or hyper resonance. Neck tissue demonstrated no masses, symmetrical and trachea is midline. Thyroid exam revealed not masses, enlargement or tenderness. Head showed no problems with normal conversation. Teeth, gingiva and lips revealed no lesions or evidence of infection. She was taking Levothyroxine (Synthroid) 112mcg once a day, and Atorvastatin Calcium once daily.  

After first round of Phase I (2014): 

The Body Measurement numbers reflect 19.5 pounds of weight lost, and 29.75 inches lost from 9/16/2014 to 11/20/2014.  

BMI improved 3.48 points to 21.96, and % of fat improved 2.3 points to 38.7%, and total pound of fat improved 10.5 pounds to 47.5 pounds of fat. 

After second round of Phase I (2016): 

Patient returned 19 months later after feeling like she had started to eat some things that were not agreeing with her and felt like she had re-gained inches she had lost, with just a four-pound gain in that time. She also remarked that her joints (knees especially) did not feel as good as they did while taking the SHAPE Drops. We began her on another round of the SHAPE Program to help alleviate the achiness, cleanse her system, and help reduced the inches she had regained, which totaled 8.75 inches. 

Between June 20, 2016 and August 31, 2016, we recorded an additional 1.25 inches lost from initial round loss, and an additional 2-pound loss from the initial round (See Body Measurements chart). 

Patient had a hard time getting her calories up above the 1000 calorie mark. Patient remarked that 800-900 calories feels comfortable, and that at 1000 calories she feels “stuffed” on 8/10/16. Patient also remarked again that knees and thumb arthritis do not hurt at all when taking the SHAPE Drops. She asked if she could do a medicinal dose. We told her we would discuss after her follow-up labs on 8/12/16. Patient went out of town and came for labs on 9/15/2016. 

Most noticeable with the Blood Work numbers is that even with the elevated cholesterol and LDL, patient’s Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio is still at 2.6, which is approximately ¼ of risk for heart disease (Range: ½ Average Risk for Women is 3.3). Patient was travelling and eating out of the ordinary for the two weeks prior to the lab draw. We allowed the patient to start a medicinal dose (.5ml) of drops once a day to help with the knee and arthritis pain. We monitored her monthly for 3 months, with urinalysis and consult. Both months patient reported feeling great and remarking that she was still between 900-1000 caloric intake a day. On 10/19/2016, we did spot measurements; patient was up about ¼ inch in the waist and hips.  She reported she was not swimming as she had been and would return to that exercise. She continued to bike and walk. We recommended UA monitoring with each bottle of drops she purchased for relief of joint issues, and this was anywhere from 3-4 months. The most recent purchase was in April 2017. 

After taking the SHAPE Drops in Phase III (2017): 

In June of 2017, while at the hospital clinic where the patient works, the patient, now 70 years old, approached us and could not believe the benefits of continuing with medicinal dosage of the SHAPE Drops. She reported that her cholesterol values had continued to drop, and that her primary care physician was extremely pleased with her numbers. She reported that she continued to eat Phase II foods mainly, with the occasional indulgences. She reported that she felt better than she had in 20 years. (See Blood Work 5/13/17)

Ortho Molecular Toxicity & Inflammation Questionnaire: 

 9/16/14 (before beginning the program) 11/20/14 (after 6 weeks on Phase I) 
Headaches 1 “Better” 
Acne/brown age/liver spots 1 1 
Pain or aches in joints of lower back 4 1 
Arthritis 2 2 
Overweight 2 1 
Difficulty losing weight 3 1 
Constipation 2 1 
Bloated feeling 2 1 

Blood Work:  

(Because the initial lipid panel was done at the hospital, ranges were different for 11/20/14, and there was no improvement in the lipid panel or BUN/Creatinine Ratio after the first round.) 

 4/3/14 9/16/14 (before beginning the program) 11/20/14 (after 6 weeks on Phase I) 9/15/16 5/13/17 
BUN  21 mg/dL H 
(Range: 7-18) 
 23 mg/dL H 28 mg/dL (Range: 8-27)  
BUN/Creatinine Ratio  30.9 H 
(Range: 6.0-20.0) 
 34 H 39 
(Range 11-26) 
TSH  0.052 uIU/mL L
(Range: 0.360-3.740) 
 0.079 L (Range: 0.360-3.740)  0.079 L 
(Range: 0.360-3.740) 
Cholesterol  144 H 
(Range: 110-200) 
 174 mg/dL
(Range: 110-200) 
257 mg/dL 
(Range: 100-199) 
LDL  77
(Range: 0-99) 
 92 mg/dL
(Range: 0-99) 
144 mg/dL 
(Range: 0-99) 
Cholesterol/HDL ratio  2.29 
(Range: ½ Average Risk for Women is 3.3) 
(Range: ½ Average Risk for Women is 3.3) 
(Range: ½ Average Risk for Women is 3.3) 
(Range: ½ Average Risk for Women is 3.3) 
HDL  63 mg/dL
(Range: >39) 
 68 mg/dL
(Range: >39) 
Hemoglobin A1c   5.6 
(Range: 4.8-5.6) Increased risk for diabetes is 5.7-6.4 
C-Reactive Protein, Quant   0.9 mg/L 
(Range: 0.0-4.9) 
T4, Free    1.04 
(Range: 0.76-1.46) 
(Range: 0.76-1.46) 

 Body Measurements: 

 9/16/14 (before beginning the program) 11/20/14 (after 6 weeks on Phase I) 6/20/16 (after 19 months in Phase III) 8/31/16 (after 2nd round of Phase I) 
WEIGHT 142.5 lbs 123 lbs 127 lbs 121 lbs 
NECK 12.5” 11.5” 11.75” 11.75” 
R ARM 12” 10.75” 11” 10.5” 
L ARM 12.25” 22” 11.25” 10.5” 
UPPER CHEST 35.5” 32.75” 33.5” 32.25” 
BUST 37.75” 34.75” 35” 34.5” 
MIDRIFF 34” 30” 31” 30.25” 
Waist 33” 28” 32” 29” 
Hips 39.75” 37.75”  37.75” 36.75” 
R THIGH 18.5” 16.5” 16.75” 16.5” 
R KNEE 15” 14” 13.75” 13.75” 
R CALF 14.75” 13.25” 13.5” 13.5” 
L THIGH 18” 16” 16.5” 16.5” 
L KNEE 15” 14” 13.75” 14” 
L CALF 14.5” 13.5” 13.5” 13.5” 


The use of the SHAPE Drops for anti-inflammatory purposes, along with her dietary changes, has helped this patient greatly. This is a good example of an additional use for this product in maintaining health, healthy lipid values and reducing arthritic pain. 

Submitted by Dr. Thomas Jensen 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

So often we assume with our patients of advancing age that they simply must expect to have symptoms. Age is not and should not be a roadblock to gaining better health. 

The numbers speak for themselves. It is always exciting to see practitioners think beyond weight loss. The SHAPE Program is so much more than that, and taking the SHAPE Drops at a maintenance dose of .50 ml once daily or twice (if need be) can be very effective to reduce symptomatology.  

A side note on labs: Remember, they are simply a window into where the patient is at during the moment the blood was drawn. Although valuable, I always suggest treating patients first and blood tests second.