Female, age 67 – Low energy, pain, asthma, osteoarthritis, constipation

Dory, 67 years of age, presented with low energy, constant pain in her feet and legs, needing to use a cane to walk, overweight, severe asthma and environmental allergies, poor immune function, hypertension, chronic sinusitis, reflux, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and constipation. She was taking 10 prescription medications and advised to work closely with her medical practitioners to monitor. Pain limited her mobility and quality of life. She enjoys full time in private practice as counselor.  

Prior to starting on the SHAPE Program, she quit sugar and shed 17 pounds. EAV testing pointed to kidney and gallbladder weakness and a yeast/fungal condition.   

Support included Arthroben for the pain (“a freaking miracle”), LV-GB, Kidney-Tone, Digestzymes, and Oil of Oregano, and Mycocan-Chord to address the yeast.  

Within a week on the SHAPE Program, she had some dizziness. Dr Frisch thought perhaps she was detoxing steroids and advised using 1 TBL of Celtic Sea Salt for 7 days and 1 tsp thereafter. When she felt dizzy, she would put a pinch on her tongue. The dizziness quickly passed and did not return.  

Within 10 days, she was amazed at the increase in energy. She could climb stairs and had NO pain. Soon she was off all inhalers. Within a month, 1 Rx for hypertension was eliminated and the second cut in half. After a bout with Lyme and mold exposure, she needed to go on antibiotics and back on steroids. This setback caused very high liver enzymes. PaleoCleanse was added to support the liver detox pathways, her enzymes normalized. Clients, colleagues, and friends were remarking at the positive changes.  

Within two months, she was hiking and walking 5Ks. Her osteopath and PCP couldn’t believe they were seeing the same person! Her pulmonologist reports no signs of asthma! Soon to mark her 70th birthday, she runs circles around her peers, continues to work 40 hours/week, no longer suffers from reflux, her bowels move smoothly, there is no yeast/fungal overgrowth, no sinusitis (she uses a neti pot daily). She has eliminated all her Rx’s for allergies, asthma, and pain.  

This patient committed herself to wellness and sees this program as a lifestyle change. She began the SHAPE Program at 200.8 lbs and has released 62 lbs. She continues to do the SHAPE Program as a detox/reboot twice/year. 

Submitted by Linda Howes, CN  

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

Amazing case study! We all have this type of patient walking through our doors daily. 

Notice the supportive diagnostic techniques and supplements used. It is so important to look at our patients and ask, “What’s not right?” Too often we stop looking when we see what is wrong (hypertension, asthma, OA, reflux). We tend to shoot for the bullseye instead of stepping back and looking for what’s not right (kidney, gallbladder, yeast, etc.). By supporting what’s not right along with SHAPE ReClaimed, miracles can and do happen! From a cane to walking a 5K! AMAZING!! 

As a side note, check into Designs for Health Arthroben. It is a “freaking miracle” for OA.