Female, age 67 – Arthritis, severe pain in neck and knees, depression, lack of energy

Patient Information 

Name: Helle B. 
Age: 67 
Gender: Female  
Height: 5’9” 
Starting Weight: 238.4 lbs 
Ending Weight: 194.6 lbs 

Health History 

Chief Complaint: Severe arthritis pain in every joint especially her neck and her knees. She wants to walk again without the aid of a cane, and she wants her life back. Basically, she wants all aspects of her life back!  

Other Symptoms: Depression after the loss of her husband. Decreased energy to do anything. 

Medications/Supplements: Thyroid, high blood pressure, cholesterol 

Medical Testing Results: Blood pressure 140/90UA – dark, PH 5.0, SG 1.010 

Results from the InBody 270: Total Body Water 92.2 lbsDry Lean Mass 32.2 lbs; Body Fat Mass 68.3 lbs; BMI 35.2; Percentage of Body Fat 35% Blood pressure  


Length of time on the SHAPE ProgramHelle started June 2018 and is still in Phase I because she has a goal of 30 more lbs down than where she is at presently. 

Other: Helle came into the office with a cane. She needed adjusting to get her frame back in order. She started SHAPE ReClaimed about two weeks after coming for her first adjustment in years. She had lost her husband seven years back and has been in a deep depression since. She was gaining weight due to her inactivity. 


Helle is the kind of patient EVERYONE wants! She took to the program like a fish to water! She WANTED it! She is the epitome of what the SHAPE Program can do. She was very inflamed. She was stiff, she was sore, she couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t move, she was depressed. She was determined to follow the program and get results. She did, immediately! The inflammation went down, the weight followed suite, but most important of all, she FEELS GREAT! She posts what she eats to me every meal on a text, her meals could go into a magazine she is such a great photographer. She is not at her goal yet, but she knows this is a way of life, NOT a diet. She is one of the happiest patients I have. I wish everyone was like Helle. 


There were not a lot of obstacles in this case. She does like to go out, but she always chooses wisely! She knows how great she feels and she loves it. Like I said before, I wish everyone had the determination and the stamina to be victorious on the SHAPE Program like Helle is!!! 

Submitted by Dr. Kathy Kulba 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

Linda, my wife’s, favorite movie is Pretty Woman. It starts with a guy walking down the street saying, “Hollywood… everybody’s got a story… what’s your story?” Truly, everyone does have a story but in addition, we need to also realize everyone has a “why.” Finding one’s “why” is imperative to SHAPE’s longlasting success. 

At this year’s SHAPE symposium, I discussed goals when I was teaching my segment on willpower. There are four types of goals: 

  1. Soft goals – I want to shed some weight.
  2. Hard goals – I will choose nutrientdense, anti-inflammatory foods at each meal.
  3. No goals – I wish I could shed some weight. 
  4. Bad idea goals – I’m going on “xyz” diet until I drop 30 pounds so I can look good in a swimsuit. 

Helle had her “why” and the SHAPE Program allowed her to achieve it. To walk pain free without a cane is a solid “why.” Will she continue to grieve? Sure, she will and most likely will continue until she leaves this earth. But here’s the deal, she should grieve. It’s normal to be deeply sad when we lose someone we deeply love. Time won’t heal her sadness and who says it should? I can say this for sure, she will be able to carry on as time passes. 

Look what’s happened. She embraced the SHAPE Program with all she had in her and she is healing physically. I predict her physical healing will also help her emotional healing. Use SELF ReClaimed when patients are faced with emotions they can’t seem to work through. It will help them tremendously. 

Great job, Dr. Kulba!