Female, age 66 – Extreme fatigue, stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver

Name: Mary H. 
Age: 66 
Gender: Female 
Height: 5’ 4” 
Starting Weight: 192 lbs. 
Ending Weight: 161 lbs. 

Health History 
Chief Complaint: Pt tired and has extreme fatigue. Recently diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver. No hx of alcohol. Next step is transplant list. 

Other Symptoms: Stomach bloating and no energy. 

Medications/Supplements: Budesonide, ProAir, montelukast, fluticasone, cetirizine, metformin, lisinopril, aspirin, diltiazem, atorvastatin, omeprazole, citalopram 

Medical Testing Results: BP 130/78, BMI 32.9, Fat 45.5%, Muscle 24%, Visceral fat 13%. UA ph 5, specific gravity 1.03, blood, bacteria sed rate 52, glucose 125, AST ALT increased, HA1C 7 

Length of time on the SHAPE ReClaimed Program: Started 5-1-19 and still on Phase I for another 6 weeks. 

Medications/Supplements: Enzymes, AF BetafoodZypan, pH ReClaimed 

Normal glucose, AST ALT normalized, HA1C 5.9, Bp, Cholesterol 168. Normal UA. Pt feeling great 

Additional Notes 
Pmhx: cholecystectomy, stage 4 liver cirrhosis, c-pap, L/S SX, migraines, diabetes, HBP, high cholesterol, CTS SX 

Patient feeling wonderful. Goal was to get off some meds and lose weight, support the liver, increase energy. Waiting for MD follow up. Pt no longer needs BP and diabetes meds so she will find on her follow up within the next week 

Submitted by Dr. Sonia Kwapisinski 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

What a ghastly amount of prescription medications! Makes one wonder if the prescriptions were a part of the problem! To most practitioners, this is an intimidating patient/client. Where does the practitioner start? What should the practitioner give to support the SHAPE Program? What area is screaming the loudest?

Step back, take a deep breath and do something. The something I always like to do first is the SHAPE Program. This patient is inflamed. The SHAPE Program decreases inflammation. Her immune system is extremely compromised. The SHAPE Program enhances immune function. She’s got stage 4 liver cirrhosis. The SHAPE Program is a mild detox. She is over overweight for her height and needs to shed toxic weight. Certainly add support where needed beyond the SHAPE Program.

The patient has shed 31 pounds of toxic, immuno-suppressive, inflammatory fat! She’s no longer using BP meds or diabetes meds and my guess, her other symptoms will improve dramatically as well.

Great job, Dr. Kwapisinski. Please let us know if her liver starts to show signs of healing as well.