Female, age 65 – Pancreatitis, non-alcoholic liver cirrhosis, diabetes, anemia, hypothyroid, chronic fatigue, depression

“SHAPE Saved My Life!” 

What a powerful statement. Those are the words of our practice member, SH, who will be the subject of our case study. I want to preface this study by saying that none of the facts I will share have been embellished in the least. The SHAPE Program is truly that good. In the words of the great B.J. Palmer, “The truth is enough.” 

SH is a 65 y/o white female. 5’7”, 256.2 lbs., without a gallbladder. She had been a chiropractic patient in our office since March 2010. After experiencing the usual great results of the SHAPE Program ourselves, as practitioners, SH was one of our first patients that came to mind when we started offering the SHAPE Program to the public.  

SH had standing medical diagnoses of the following: Chronic pancreatitis, non-alcoholic liver cirrhosis (interestingly they did not believe her that she had never drank alcohol), type 2 diabetes (A1C 11.3), severe anemia, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue and depression. She presented, as usual, with severe pain and stiffness in her joints, most notably in her hips and legs, which made walking very difficult. 

At the time of her beginning the SHAPE Program, which was April 22, 2017, she said she had just experienced the worst year of her life. She had been her father’s caretaker when he passed away. She had started having multiple episodes of falling down, which medically they thought was a sugar handling problem, but turned out to be severe sudden drops in blood pressure. “I thought I was dying and the doctors thought so too.”  

She told her Dad before he passed that she would be right behind him. After 19 hospitalizations and 22 blood transfusions in the prior 6 months, they brought her family members in to say their goodbyes on March 17, 2017 in a St. Louis hospital. (Side Note – how terrible would this be?) 

Upon starting the SHAPE Program, SH was on 10 different medications including Synthroid, Pravastatin, Lisinopril, Neurontin, etc., etc. She was self-administering 150 units of insulin/day. She was moderately dehydrated with a pH of 6.0, with trace protein and trace ketones. Along with dehydration, she also suffered with chronic constipation.  

Over the first few months of her SHAPE journey, we also added 50% extra protein, pH drops, Celtic Sea Salt, Cataplex B, CatalynDiaplexCataplex F, Tuna Omega, Arginex, Chiro-Kleanz Tea. This supplement list was somewhat extraordinary for us, since we would rarely recommend that many products at the beginning of SHAPE ReClaimed, however, we felt in this case they were warranted and the patient was battling to stay alive. 

Second UA 5/3/2017 – Patient down 10.8 lbs., pH 5.0, severely dehydrated, tr. Protein, tr Ketones.  

Third UA 5/16/2017 – Patient down 15 lbs. to 241.2, 150 units of Toujeo reduced to 30 units at night only, with no more sugar crashes.  

Subsequent UAs over the next 6 months revealed a continued moderate dehydration, and pH fluctuating between 5.0 – 6.0, with a continued steady weight loss to 50 lbs. released by 10/28/17 with an A1C of 5.6. This was the date she saw her liver specialist in St. Louis.  

Six months earlier, SH was told all liver enzymes were abnormal and on this visit the doctor told her all liver enzymes were perfect, and she no longer had fatty/cirrhosis of the liver and removed her from all meds related to that.  

I called SH just last week letting her know that we were going to be bragging about her in the February Newsletter. She has maintained her 50 lb. weight reduction and would like to lose another 50 lbs. She is currently off all medications, stating that Synthroid was the last one to go. She is having a few, so far undefined, health issues that remain with continued anemia. She is probably guilty of taking the proverbial foot off the gas and is struggling a little to get refocused on becoming truly well.  

I will conclude with something SH told me on our phone conversation. She and her husband recently bought a new home to remodel. “I would never have been able to do it. Before SHAPE ReClaimed, most days I was sitting on my couch waiting and sometimes praying to die.” 

Now, for anyone that asks, “Does the SHAPE Program really make a difference? Wow! Carry on fellow warriors and God bless. 

Submitted by Drs. Bernie & Michelle Sirois 

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment 

“SHAPE saved my life!” Oh my goodness. What can I say? We are humbled (and actually surprised at times) by the successes out in the field.  

My only comment is this: Drs. Bernie and Michelle went ‘ALL IN’ with SHAPE ReClaimed from the moment they joined our familyI’ve watched their practice soar. They have been in constant contact with me regarding countless patients. They truly wanted to own this program and have invested themselves into learning all that is possible. Who wouldn’t benefit from what SHAPE ReClaimed has to offer? Practitioners that do the same quickly become profoundly successful. I invite each of you to call me directly with any cases you may want help in treating. I’m ALL IN and ask that you use my decades of clinical experience to help in your clinical choices with challenging cases.