Female, age 63 – Type 2 diabetes, hypothyroid, hypertension, pulmonary hypertension, high cholesterol

Name: LuAnn P. 
Age: 63 
Gender: Female 
Height: 5’ 3” 
Starting Weight: 198.5 lbs. 
Ending Weight: 140.9 lbs. 

Health History 
Chief Complaint:  

  • Diabetes type 2 
  • Hypothyroid 
  • Hypertension 
  • Pulmonary hypertension 
  • High cholesterol 

Other Symptoms:  

  • Fatigue 
  • Irritability 
  • Low mood 
  • Difficulty breathing, easily winded 
  • Corners of mouth cracking/sores 
  • Swelling of lower legs, ankles and feet 


  • Synthroid 
  • Losartan 
  • Metformin 
  • Rosuvastatin 

Medical Testing Results:  

  • CMP revealed elevated BUN (21) and BUN/CREAT ratio (35) 
  • Cholesterol Panel, LDL elevated 109 mg/dL 
  • HbA1C 10.2 
  • Fasting Glucose, 180 
  • TSH <0.02 lab low 
  • Vitamin D 9.1 

Length of time on the SHAPE Program: 6 months on Phase I, just entered Phase II 


  • SHAPE Drops
  • Green Light – Physica 
  • Vitamin B CoEnzyme Complex – Physica 
  • Vitamin B1 – NOW 
  • LiquaD3/K2 – Ortho Molecular 
  • Thyro LF– Physica 
  • OmegaGold – Physica 
  • Jambola – Physica (added when plateau with weight) 
  • CLA – Douglas Labs (added when plateau with weight) 
  • CoQ10 – Apex 

Patient is off Metformin and Rosuvastatin. Blood sugar has completely normalized. Blood pressure medication has been reduced by half and taken only every other day. Synthroid has been reduced by half (primary care doctor will not decrease the dose or run further labs even though TSH <0.02). All labs have normalized and are within functional range, except TSH. Patient feels “AMAZING” and is full of energy and positivity. No longer has difficulty breathing and no more swelling of legs, ankles or feet. No more cracking of corners of mouth and no more mouth sores. Irritability and fatigue are gone. Mood is “great.” 

Additional Notes 
This patient is my biggest advocate and has referred over 8 patients to me. She is ecstatic about her results and tells everyone. Her physical change has been so profound, if she doesn’t tell people they are often asking her what she has been doing because she has had such a positive change. 

This case is a perfect example of how crucial and powerful the SHAPE Program and the SHAPE Drops are as a PRIMARY tool in practice. Had I not had the SHAPE Program, I would have been overwhelmed with where to begin helping this patient. She had so much going on and serious disease progression taking place with diabetes and pulmonary hypertension. The SHAPE Program addressed it ALL! And I am certain if I could get the primary care to decrease the thyroid that would start to respond better as well. I am so very blessed to have SHAPE ReClaimed in my practice, not only for my patients, but also to help make my job easier. The SHAPE Program is able to simplify the healing process for the patient and the doctor. I was able to completely gain this patient’s trust in the first week due to the results she immediately started seeing and feeling. There is nothing else like this. This patient thanks me and the SHAPE Program every chance she gets for changing her life.

Submitted by Dr. Linzi Saigh 

Linda’s Teaching Assessment 

Surprise! While Dr. Todd typically shares our monthly assessment, I feel it is important I share this month because I know Dr. Todd will not toot his own horn. 

As many of our practitioners know, when a case like this presents itself, it’s challenging to know where to start. This patient is dealing with the top lifestyle diseases and the perfect place to start is with the SHAPE Program. In a few short weeks, the client will see improvement which will motivate them to stay the course. This client is shouting SHAPE ReClaimed from the rooftops and Dr. Linzi is reaping the rewards of helping this one person and it’s multiplying into helping many. 

We tell our SHAPE family, call us with any questions. We don’t care if you call a dozen times a day. We want to be sure you feel confident working with client challenges you have not had clinical experience with prior to offering SHAPE ReClaimed in your clinic. 

Dr. Linzi is a perfect example of a new doctor launching her practice with SHAPE being the primary starting protocol. She believed us when we said, “You can call a dozen times a day.” Okay, she didn’t call a dozen times, but she did call constantly to discuss her clients and lean on Dr. Todd’s clinical experience to guide her. Being a new doctor and launching a solo practice, Dr. Linzi’s confidence soared because she knew she had Dr. Todd to help her every step of the way. Patient after patient has experienced tremendous success with the SHAPE Program and all the other support that was given based on their symptoms and unique health picture.

Way to go, Dr. Linzi. It’s been such a joy to watch you blossom and grow a strong reputation in your community. I see LuAnn praising SHAPE all the time in the Facebook group. 

P.S. Dr. Linzi just met with a local MD who is so impressed with SHAPE ReClaimed and the work Dr. Linzi is doing, she wants to refer many of her own patients. Collaboration with mainstream medicine is such a blessing for your communities!