Female, age 62 – Kidney transplant, no appetite

Initial Presentation/History

  • 62-year old African-American female patient
  • Kidney transplant 12/1/07
  • Was on dialysis for 8 years due to Lupus
  • Wanted to do the SHAPE Program for the purpose of improving health and reducing inflammation
  • Wanted to lose 5-7 pounds
  • No HBP, no diabetes
  • No health problems beyond the kidney transplant
  • Did not have much of an appetite

Descriptive Symptomatology

  • Really no symptoms beyond not having much of an appetite.

Clinical Assessment

  • Again, really the only significant information was the history of Lupus and the kidney transplant.

Method of Treatment

Followed the SHAPE Program:

  • Phase 1: lost 7 pounds in the first week then increased the amount of food that she was eating for the remainder of the two weeks.
  • Phase 2: followed the program for the full 3 weeks.


  • Patient was told not to do the SHAPE Program by her medical doctor because they said it could affect the kidney transplant.
  • Patient did not tell her medical doctor that she did the program.
  • The patient purposely did not return to the MD until she was in Phase III and when she returned for a follow up visit with her MD, they told her that for some unknown reason that she did not need as much anti-rejection medication now.
  • Therefore, they reduced the main anti-rejection medication: Progas-reduced from 8/day to 6/day; Mycophenlate-still taking
  • Patient takes the SHAPE Drops twice a day in Phase III to keep the inflammation at bay and to keep her appetite up.
  • She notices that when she does not take the drops that her appetite decreases.
  • States that she believes that the drops do what your body needs it to do (and she needs to have an appetite).

Submitted by Janet Yarger, D.C.

Dr. Todd’s Teaching Assessment

I have actually had the pleasure of meeting this elegant, regal patient of Dr. Yarger’s. The key points I would like to make regarding her case are immune and inflammation. It is easy to lock in on SHAPE ReClaimed as a weight loss program, but remember it is also immune-enhancing (note the need for less prescription medication) and anti-inflammatory. Appetite will also be affected via 2 items in the SHAPE Drops: Phytolacca, an appetite suppressor and Calc phos, which works to balance the appetite. Hence it will promote a better appetite if needed!