Female, age 61 – Pre-diabetes, hypertension, overweight

Debra is a 61-year-old female who has been struggling with weight loss for almost 30 years, since the birth of her last child. On her wedding day, nearly 40 years ago, she weighed approximately 110 pounds. 

During the last 30 years, she has tried multiple weight loss programs including Weight Watchers, Atkins, the South Beach Diet, multiple detoxification programs and many versions of counting calories and sometimes “nearly starving” herself in an attempt to lose weight. While many of these programs enabled her to lose weight, as much as thirty pounds, within a few weeks of coming off the programs, she regained the weight she lost and more. This continued until December 2013, when she reached 278 pounds. 

By December 2013, she had become pre-diabetic, hypertensive, had a partial knee replacement and her other knee was beginning to give her pain, causing her to become concerned that she would need surgery again. Walking any distance caused her to become short of breath and walk slowly. When on a plane, she had to wear a seat belt extender and was unable to lower the seat tray. It was difficult for her to cross her legs no matter where she sat. 

Debra was very unhappy. She hated her physical appearance and wore loose clothing to hide her shape. She frequently described herself in a defensive way, stating that she couldn’t lose weight because she was “fatarexic.” Because of her weight and feeling self-conscious, she did not like associating with women who were thin. Most of her friends were other women with similar weight problems. 

In October 2013, Debra was at a 60th birthday party for her husband’s friend where she met Patti, a slim, 67year old woman. Patti had dealt with similar weight and health issues as Debra until she was introduced to the SHAPE Program. After being on the program for nearly 10 months, Patti had lost over a hundred pounds and gotten off all of her prescribed medications. She was “feelin’ fine and lookin’ good.” 

Debra spoke with Patti for over an hour in the corner at the party, frequently nodding her head and breaking into tears. On her way home from the party, she told her husband, a chiropractor, that he needed to look into this program so she could get on it. He could see she was serious and did as she asked. 

Now, a couple months after starting the SHAPE Program, Debra is almost 60 pounds lighter, determined to lose another 60 pounds. She is no longer pre-diabetic, has very little knee pain, no shortness of breath and her blood pressure is coming down. She now likes to take walks on the beach. She no longer needs to wear a seat belt extender and can lower the seat tray when she sits on a plane. She can cross her legs whenever and wherever she likes. Much to her husband’s delight and “dismay,” she is constantly having to buy new, smaller clothes. She plans on wearing skinny jeans soon. 

Oh, by the way, did I mention that this beautiful lady, Debra, is my wife? 

Submitted by Dr. Joe Di Carlo