Female, age 61 – Overweight, fatigue, hypercholesterolemia

My experience with SHAPE ReClaimed has been somewhat different from most practitioners because of my profession, with emphasis primarily on emotional and spiritual well-being. Yet, being the 3-part beings that we are, I knew that the physical aspect needed to be included to round out the body-soul-spirit healing that brings wholeness. I have been privileged to use SHAPE ReClaimed within the context of my Christian counseling ministry.

I have found that when the SHAPE Program is added to the process of healing, miracles can happen. I have seen those miracles, and that inspires me to continue this powerful and effective program that can bring total wellness to those I work with.

Case in point: Mary Ann, a lovely but emotionally wounded 61-year old woman, had been going through the ministry process to release trauma from early childhood abuse and to find truth, empowering her to see that she had value and purpose. She had worked hard to establish her new identity, but I realized there was more to be done to conform her body image to the truth that we were aiming for. Mary Ann was motivated to continue her progress to find the abundant life that God had planned for her.

Mary Ann was overweight, feeling fatigued, with aches and pains in joints, especially her knees. She was on the road to major multiple health issues including hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, hypothyroidism, was advancing toward diabetes, and had been prescribed higher doses of medications to treat these disorders. I noticed that Mary Ann always wore oversized clothing in multiple layers, attempting to make herself invisible to the world, subconsciously hiding her shame behind layers of fat and clothing.

When I suggested the SHAPE Program to her, she became excited and hopeful. She did very well on the program, grew in self-confidence and lost 60+ pounds. Her medical visits were no longer depressing but exciting as her labs greatly improved, her aches and pains disappeared, her medication dosages continued to be decreased, and her doctor told her to “just keep doing what you are doing!”

After some months of working with Mary Ann, she came into my office appearing a little disappointed that only a few people had commented on her appearance. I observed that the “tents” she continued to wear were still hiding the success she had achieved and the beautiful body she was now living in. I asked her if she thought it was time for her to step into the new Mary Ann that she worked so hard to find. She agreed that she was ready, so I suggested she treat herself to a shopping spree for a new wardrobe. Her husband provided that for her and when she came in for a follow-up visit, she was wearing clothes 3 sizes smaller (still fitting a bit loosely) but she was looking like a million bucks. She was wearing makeup and the radiance of her smile and beauty of that new Mary Ann in her sleek new attire was truly a miracle. She spun around and said, “Here she is – the new me!” We both laughed and cried. She looked amazing and said she felt free for the first time. We cried some more. Her husband said he is married to a totally new woman. He is really happy too.

I am grateful for the work of Jesus in people’s lives and for Him inspiring Dr. Todd to create this incredible product and program, made entirely from God’s own natural healing elements. It is truly miraculous!

Submitted by Diane Frisch, Counseling Pastor, Rapha House Ministries